Funny Gym Quotes Exercise Fitness motivation

100 Top Funny Gym Quotes – Exercise Fitness motivation

Funny Gym Quotes Exercise Fitness motivation

A comprehensive list of the funniest fitness quotes & workout captions for Instagram. Copy, paste, or just chuckle quietly to yourself… You may chose any form of workout, be it gym, training, exercising, cycling. Pursuing your fitness goals with a smile can make the regime a lot more easier. These cool and funny workout and fitness quotes will surely tickle your funny bone and at the same time motivate you to do your workout

To inspire your social media fans or gym friends, looking for inspiring funny gym quotes? Here are some of the best fitness quotes on our goals. These are some popular motivational quotes for fitness and bodybuilding. Or maybe you’re looking for funny fitness quotes to share with others, or just lighten your day.

We know you’re serious about working out, but exercise can be very fun! You must be a true #Funny gym puns to appreciate 100 hysterical fitness quotes here. Funny gym quotes such as these help increase motivation and make it even more fun for fitness. Feel free to share with your workout buddies these fitness quotes or bookmark this post to revisit when you need a fitness-focused laugh!

Funny Gym Quotes

Jim Gaffigan has funny ways to say gym quotes  “Those people in extremely fine condition at the gym are the most distracting. I’m going, ‘What are you doing here? You’re done.'” 

I merely lie on the floor till the feeling fades away when I feel like exercising. -Robert M. Hutchins good to see funny  puns about fitness 

If it were not that the TV and cooler are so far apart, plenty of us wouldn’t do any workout at all. — Adams-Joey

The word “aerobics” was spoken when the gym instructors met and said: ‘We cannot call it ‘jumping up and down’ if we charge $10 an hour.’

funny exercise and gym quotes

The only nation in the world where individuals need power drinks to sit in front of a machine must be America. — Vanatta Mike

Funny Fitness Quotes By Famous Athletes

My favorite workout in the fitness center is definitely judging. — Anonymity

Hard accept. I’m really working out and I just like donuts. Donuts are like any other reason! Workout hard too.

I have 99 issues, so I’m going to the fitness center to forget them all. It’s like medication that keeps you fit as well. Get in shape to do your mental health magic!

When you want a different day, push further than yesterday. The greatest workout is what you do. The moment you think you can’t continue, but you keep going, strength grows.

Will it be worth it if it was easy? Mind when you started. Our bodies can do something. It’s our brains that we must persuade. The body accomplishes what the mind thinks.

You’re going to get it if you’re persistent. You’re going to keep it if you’re consistent. You follow the good method rather than the ideal method.

funny fitness quotes by famous athletes

A exercise of one hour is 4% of the day. Don’t stop tired. Don’t stop tired. Stop when you are done. Stop when you are done.

Don’t like it – just struggle for it. What seems unlikely today is going to be your warm-up one day. Wake up with resolve. With resolve. Go to be happy.

I ‘m sure you don’t have the handle of your recliner-doctor (to patient)

Hard accept in life. Life has ups and downs. We’re naming them squats. And like the ups and downs of life, squats are going to make you better.

Good health quotes and motivational phrases will give people the incentive to begin with. Here’s some of the best Positive fitness quotes. 

It never gets better. We don’t have to be fine. You get better. You get better. We just got ta get started.

Every day is another way to better your life.

Funny Fitness Quotes

Keep driving until you puke, vomit, or die! — Michaels Jillian

A real gymnasium would not dream that she would rest until she gave them all.

You’re cracking my knees. Just joking. The day of the leg was yesterday.

funny fitness quotes to humor

Oops! Oops! It was only leg day, guess. My favorite TV machine in the gym.—Unknown.

Hey, whatever takes you through on the treadmill for the final ten minutes. We’re not judging here.

This is my gym. It’s my fitness world. If I like, I will do. Hustle for the muscle. This muscle will not grow on its own!

Eat clean, stay fit, and keep a burger healthy. Don’t care if we do!

Weights before dates.- How about weights lifted on a date, unknown or even better yet?

I like great weights and I can’t lie. We believe that Sir Mix-a-lot is in agreement.

I don’t sweat I sparkle.—I don’t sweat unseen I sparkle. I don’t sweat. Best funny quotes for fitness from time to time, we were considered to gym partner.

Sweat is your fat crying — a different view of sweat unknown.

funny fitness quotes to good morning

Fitness: everybody will have a better body if it fell into a bottle.—expensive it’s real. Not all of us can do what we do.

I don’t want to appear boring. I want to look like I’ve been able to kick your ass. Maybe you want to watch out!

On Friday night. Night. Party in the gym with the stupidity and barbell of my friend. It sounds like our gang!

Existence is short. Life is short. Lift heavy stuff.—Unknown. In our humble opinion, the heavier the better.

If you’re still looking nice after the workout, you haven’t been hard enough. True, true. True, true.

Breakfast and squats are the only things I need in my life. The ultimate combo, breakfast and squats.

Funny Quotes About Exercise Why You Should

Hello, sweetheart!! I see you!!! I see you!!! I hope to see your other mates in the morning (yes, I’m referring to my muscles. I never knew any of them before).

You’re fat and ugly? Join our workout center and be ugly! — Local sign for the gym

I call my bathroom ‘John,’ rather than ‘Jim.’ This sounds easier as I say, ‘I go to the Jim every morning first.’

I just think that it should be considered exercise to toss and curl at night! — Uncertain-Unknown

funny quotes about exercise why you should

Turn your mind from what your body looks like to what it can do. You will even learn the same voice that says “give up” to say “go.”

Motivation is what you’ve begun. It doesn’t mean to be the best. It’s better than you were yesterday. Habit is what keeps you alive. You keep going.

You can not see how powerful you truly are until you get tired. You don’t have to go soon … you just got ta go.

In the morning when my brain finds out what I’m doing, I have to workout. — Double Marsha

I assume that any person has infinite heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste all of my workouts around. — Armstrong, Neil

I have to find out. I have to find out. I continue to say it all the time. I continue to say that I have to start working out. And I haven’t got the time. What is strange. What is strange. Because I have time for dinner. And uh, watch tv. And get a test of bone density. And uh … And uh … Try to find out what spells in words my phone number. — DeGeneral Ellen.

Fitness Motivation Quotes On Funny

My definition of practicing is a brisk sitting. — Diller Phyllis

When you are old you can celebrate your memories and spend too much time exercising, you might get old and have not many. — Keillor garrison.

A cause to smile: Someone at an aerobics class pulls a hamstring every seven minutes of the day. — Roth, Allan

fitness motivation quotes on funny

I must practice what I’m doing in the morning before my brain figures out-Unknown

I like long walks, particularly if people who bother me take them.-Fred Allen.

We refine our healthy lifestyle over time, not overnight. You can’t get a bad diet out.

It’s all right to fail … coherent doesn’t mean perfect. The master stumbled rather than the novice attempted. A one-step journey of a thousand miles begins.

Get a target and you won’t need to be inspired. There’s nothing improving if nothing happens. Eat food. Not too much. Plants mainly. Plants.

If a Vitamin Water can only be classified as working out. — Mr Gaffigan

I would have snow on these bicep peaks if they were any higher. — Anonymity

I invest my time in the squats at the training center-Undisclosed

I don’t workout. I don’t workout. He would have put diamonds on the floor if God had wanted me to lean over. — Valleys of Joan

When people ask me whether I practice, I tell them that every day I’m doing crunches, especially Captain Crunch and Nestle Crunch.

Once I was exercising, but noticed I was allergic. My skin was ringing and my pulse was pounding. I got sticky and breathless. Quite serious. Quite serious. — Anonymity

You’ve always been searching for remote control, so you can’t find it so that you just decide, ‘Ah, I don’t think I’m watching TV. Two steps I won’t take and turn it on myself. If I’m going to work out, I’ll go to the gym.

I see my refusal today as a resistance training to go to the fitness center. — Author Unknown

funny inspirational fitness quotes to keep you motivated

I am 99 percent positive that if they were not allowed to dream about running marathons, nobody would run the marathons. — Vanatta Mike

Doctor to patient: What is easier with your busy life, work out for one hour a day, or be dead 24 hours a day? — Randy glass mountains

I don’t sprint. I don’t sprint. I like to be sick if I die. — Abe Citrus

No, the way to get in shape is to go to the gym every day, change your wardrobe, and take a shower. If you can do that for a month every single day, you’ll start doing something pretty fast when you’re there.

Female Fitness Quotes

I believe in life, before the day you die, you can focus for yourself. You’ve already failed if you show up thinking about how you can do. Train well, show up, run your best and take care of yourself for the rest.

King’s exercise. Queen’s nutrition. Put them together and you have an empire. Put them together. I ‘m going to do what others don’t do now, because tomorrow I will do what others can’t do.

Exercise should be known as heart tribute. Today ‘s suffering is the power that you feel tomorrow.

I didn’t have the same fitness or skill as other girls, so my mind had to beat them. I have always assumed that the results would come if you put them in the job.

Blood, sweat, respect, respect. You send two first. You last earn. Last one. I hate practicing every minute. But I said, don’t go. Don’t go. Suffer now and live like a hero for the rest of your life.

If you discover oneself eagerly anticipating exercises, pause for a moment and ask yourself why. Do you drive yourself so hard that they’re not pleasant? Or is this practice itself not exciting for you? Training ought not to feel like torture. Search some activities that you will find more enjoyable and look forward to consistently participating, not just being another ‘to do.’ Make a mental change by focusing on taking your time, relinquishing the stress of the day and understanding what your body can do.

Morning wakes up and goes to the gym what I thought “I very do not suppose I would like buns of steel. I might be happier with buns of cinnamon.” — Ellen DeGeneres

Albert Einstein discovered that a little quantity of mass is adequate for a large quantity of energy that explains why, as Einstein himself therefore eloquently place it in an exceedingly famed 1939 speech to the department of physics at Princeton, ‘You need to exercise for every week to figure off the thigh fat from one Snickers. — Dave Barry

Funny Workout Sayings about goals

If you’re looking for wise words on the effects of fitness, anyone else must have told you best already …

You can’t pour out a blank cup. First take care of yourself. For your future.

Health is real wealth. Health. We don’t stop learning when we get older … we get old when we stop practicing. Take care of your flesh, this is your only place to live.

When my health is obvious, I’m still oddly proud. Excellence is thus a practice, not an act.

Too busy to check about your wellbeing is like a technician too busy to look after your machines.

You have to do some things every day. It’s just not going to fit to eat seven apples on Saturday night instead of one day. Sore? Sore? Tired? Tired? Away from the breath? Good … it works. Good …

Practice puts the muscles in the minds. Everything is possible so long as you care about it and invest time and effort into it. The best abdominal workout is 5 sets of shit pauses.

Even on my bad day, I train to be the best in the world. 100% of the shots you never take are lost. You don’t get to win if you don’t train. I’m constantly looking at myself and want to change.

Those who don’t think they have time to exercise will have to find time for disease sooner or later. Don’t give up your hopes. Don’t give up your hopes. Keep yourself exercising.

If you don’t puke, faint, or die, carry ahead! I gotta get in form. If I had been assassinated right now, my chalk would be a circle.
Your fitness quality depends on the strength of your day. Eat clean, keep fit, and fit and keep well.

Memes About Going To The Gym That Are Way Funnier Than They Should Be 

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Get a little motivation from these funny fitness quotes and memes. Gym memes, funny diet quotes, squat life quotes, and a dash of girl power.

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