Beautiful Women Quotes and Images

40 Beautiful Women Quotes and Images

Beautiful Women Quotes and messages. A beautiful woman can stop your heart and take your breath away. She can get everyone’s attention even if she doesn’t say a word. She holds my attention. Here is a list of wise and interesting quotes about beautiful women. These uplifting quotes about beauty will inspire self-love, and confidence, and remind you how important it is to be yourself.

Beautiful Women Quotes and Images
Beautiful Women Quotes and Images

Inspirational beauty quotes

1. “Beautiful women, they just… mystify me.” — David Twohy

2. “You guys think beautiful women are nothing but decoration. Total airheads.” — Dennis Feldman

3. “A beautiful woman is one hundred percent attractive at every place if no one other is with her.” — Ehsan Sehgal

inspirational beauty quotes wishes and messages
inspirational beauty quotes wishes and messages

4. “Women are women. We all have the same bodily equipment, more or less perfect.” — Ingmar Bergman

5. “Women sit, or move to and fro–some old, some young; / The young are beautiful–but the old are more beautiful than the / young.” — Walt Whitman

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Beautiful Women Quotes

6. “Women choose the wrong men generally. Beautiful women usually choose wrong men.” — Nuran Evren Sit

7. “A beautiful woman is one with a beautiful heart. She may be covered with mud or sores but only her foot fit the glass slipper.” — Omoakhuana Anthonia

8. “Daddy always said beautiful women were the most dangerous.” — Cynthia Cidre

cheers to a beautiful women quotes sayings messages
cheers to a beautiful women quotes sayings messages

9. “Beautiful woman makes her declaration of truth in order to prove she is not lying.” — Columbia University Press

10. “Yes, living by Godly principles can help us to become a beautiful woman.” — Carol Phillips

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Short quotes about beauty

11. “The world is completely melting, and yet beautiful women are still being produced. It’s the one positive in these preapocalyptic times.” — Jonathan Ames

12. “Well, you know beautiful women; they encourage you one minute, and cut the legs out from under you the next.” — Jim Thomas

13. “Even the most beautiful woman will lose her flavors. However, the flavors of the woman who is always in touch with her sensuality will outlive her.” — Lebo Grand

best have a Short quotes about beauty for her and pictures
best have a Short quotes about beauty for her and pictures

14. “What is it about beautiful women? One minute they’re right there, the next minute they take the good couch and they’re gone.” — Greg Berlanti

15. “Every man who dates beautiful woman consistently, is a man who believes he deserves to have a beautiful woman on his arm. An that my friend, is all you need when it comes to women. Self-confidence is attractive.” — Butta ‘Fly’ Jonez

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Natural beauty quotes

16. “A beautiful woman’ is an image as a whole; it is an impression.” — Cho Kyo

17. “A woman of inner beauty is one who possesses Godly qualities.” — Carol Phillips

18. “A woman thought of as a beauty in one culture may be considered plain in another.” — Cho Kyo

a natural beauty quotes for her and images
a natural beauty quotes for her and images

19. “The pretty woman is cute and she uses her skills to show off that cuteness.” — Samona Perry

20. “Unfortunately, beautiful women provoke in some men all that is base in their characters.” — Edith Maude Hull

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Inner beauty quotes for her

21. “Rather than saying that the beautiful woman really exists, we should say that she only exists within the imagination of individuals.” — Cho Kyo

22. “A beautiful lady with an evil heart is like a hundred dollar note cut in two with one piece missing.” — Bangambiki Habyarimana

23. “Most people think distracting a group of guys is best done by a beautiful woman. The problem with beautiful women is people want them to stick around, which can cause a lot of problems.” — Matt Nix

24. “A beauty is not merely a beautiful-looking woman’ but an indicator of culture that contains multiple meanings.” — Cho Kyo

25. “We can embrace our uniqueness and experience beauty on a whole different level when we aren’t trying to be beautiful to everyone and everything.” — Rosalind Y. Tompkins

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Best Pretty Girls Quotes

26. “It’s very hard for beautiful women to experience rejection.” — Whit Stillman

27. “When you’re in love with a beautiful woman / You know it’s hard / Everybody wants her / Everybody loves her / Everybody wants to take your baby home.” — Even Stevens

28. “Beautiful women don’t care that your feelings are hurt.” — Butta ‘Fly’ Jonez

a best pretty girls quotes funny images to share
a best pretty girls quotes funny images to share

29. “How beautiful a woman can be if kindness is her true beauty.” — Debasish Mridha

30. “Beautiful women are for men with no imagination.” — Emanuele Crialese

You Are Beautiful Quotes

31. “Beauty is defined as the quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with harmony of form or color, excellence or artistry, truthfulness, and originality; one that is beautiful, especially a beautiful woman.” — Carol Phillips

32. “Society sets the cultural standards for what is to be considered beautiful. Based on these societal standards, if you are a woman.” — Cassandra A. George Sturge

33. “Strong, beautiful woman, oh so don’t let the world get you down, / Look within yourself and remember who you are.” — Paula Cole

34. “You’ll find in many cases that some pretty women are often not taken seriously because they are sometimes considered to be airheads.” — Samona Perry

35. “Most time the pretty woman can be found only being concerned with her outer appearance and with shallow issues.” — Samona Perry

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Beautiful Women Sayings and Quotes

36. “It is always the most courageous of men who wins the most beautiful women, but it is only the ruthless who get to keep them.” — Neil Simon

37. “The pretty woman is not dumb, she is very smart and wise but wisdom and reliability are not found in her smartness.” — Samona Perry

cute beautiful women sayings and beautiful women quotes with images
cute beautiful women sayings and beautiful women quotes with images

38. “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” —Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

39. “Beauty shouldn’t be about changing yourself to achieve an ideal or be more socially acceptable. Real beauty, the interesting, truly pleasing kind, is about honoring the beauty within you and without you. It’s about knowing that someone else’s definition of pretty has no hold over you.” —Golda Poretsky

40. “I know people who’ve had a nose job, and they’ve walked out feeling like a million dollars, and their confidence is tenfold. Good on them! Natural beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, but if you think surgery would write something you have a problem with, then why shouldn’t you do it?” —Louise Nurding

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Beautiful Women Quotes Pictures With Images

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Top 40 Beautiful Women Quotes And Beauty Quotes For Her 14

Woman quotes and sayings “Never lower your standards just because you’re lonely. It’s better to be by yourself than to be with the wrong person.

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