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150 Cute Merry Christmas Son Quotes With Images – Merry Christmas Son

Christmas Son Wishes: You always do your best to make the holidays the most special time of the year for your children. With these Merry Christmas Wishes for Son, you can offer a special gift to help him get in the Christmas spirit. Funny wishes and jokes are the best way to create happiness and smiles, so use these delightful and festive messages to bring extra joy to the holidays! Best of all, these wishes will be a gift that he will never forget, helping him create amazing memories of Christmas celebrations to cherish and share with his kids. Find the best Merry Christmas Wishes for Son to send from the selection below! See more ideas about Merry Christmas to my son, Merry Christmas son and family, funny Merry Christmas son quotes. Cute merry christmas son quotes with images – merry christmas son.

Cute Merry Christmas Son Quotes With Images Merry Christmas Son

Christmas Wishes for Son

Merry Christmas to my wonderful son. This holiday season, may you be filled with happiness and fun that lasts all year long.

Thoughts of my son as we celebrate this special holiday, and I hope yours is filled with excitement and happiness.

I love you very much and want the best for you today and every day of the year!

You have been good all year. Then, you can rest easy because you’re on Santa’s “good people” list, which means he’ll give you what you want. My child has a happy Christmas.

It’s not Christmas without your smile and requests for your favorite food. A lot of us miss you. Happy Christmas!

This Christmas, I want you to do well in all of your jobs. This Christmas, I want to send you all of my love.

Dear Son, I hope that no matter where your journey takes you, you will always be able to come home for Christmas. Happy Christmas!

During the holidays, we’ll always be together. As long as we are together, the holidays will always be happy and bright. Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas, Son! YAY! You made the list. Looks like you’ll be getting some gifts from Santa this year. This is a good sign.

My son has a happy Christmas and a happy new year. I don’t need anything else. Thank God for giving me you. You’re the best thing he has given me.

send a christmas wish

send a christmas wish

As long as there is breath in my lungs, I will not let a Christmas go by without showing my appreciation for having you as a son.

I still have that photos album of every Christmas we spent together, and you know Iā€™m looking forward to adding more joyous pictures to it this year!

May you enjoy a Christmas with your friends as if you were back at home. We will miss you this holiday season and of course, we wish you nothing short of the best!

May you and your household experience the loving type of Christmas we tried to instill in you since childhood. We love you and are very proud of how you are holding your own!

This Christmas, I want you to forget about school, forget about your job and just try to enjoy it as if you were a child again. Jesus would have wanted it that way!

Every day, you’re a great son, a great dad, and a great person. You make me happy.

You make my dreams come true at Christmas and all year long. I love how you do this.

Son, you’re on the “nice” list for taking such good care of your whole family.

Happy Christmas! šŸ™‚ Thank you for being such a great son! As a friend, I hope that you have a great day. You deserve it.

Happy Christmas, Son. No matter how old you get, I hope you always have the holiday spirit. I wish you a happy holiday season!

Happy Christmas! The best for you this Christmas, Son! As for us, we want to spend a lot of time with you!

Merry Christmas, son! You deserve to have all of your dreams come true.

I hope that Christmas brings you as much happiness as it did when you were a child. You have a Merry Christmas, son. Enjoy your trip!

Your home should be full of decorations and food that tastes great, son. Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas, son. I hope you know that you are our most important gift.

I can’t believe you’ve become a man who buys me gifts. When did you become so big, son? Happy Christmas!

Remember, son, that Christmas isn’t just about giving gifts and making Santa happy. It’s also about sharing love and happiness with your family and friends, so don’t forget about that. Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas, Son! I have some great news for you. I’ll let you know. This is great! You made the list! Looks like you’ll be getting some gifts from Santa this year. This is a good sign.

If you get any gifts this year, I hope the one you remember most is how much you mean to us. “Happy Christmas.”

When the fridge is too full, we can just chill the beer outside in the snow. It’s that time of year! Happy Christmas, Son!

Merry Christmas to a great son. It’s time to go to ugly sweater parties, drink craft beer, and sing songs about Rudolph! Because we are, too! Wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with fun and festivities!

You can get what you want from both Santa and Jesus if you are always nice and good. Son, I hope you have a merry Christmas.

When you were a child, we dressed up as Santa and elves and gave you gifts. I can’t help but think back to those times. Merry Christmas, son.

Merry Christmas, my son. In this time of year, I want to send you all the happiness, love, hugs, and kisses there are.

Christmas Wishes for Son from Mom

Every time Jesus’ birthday comes around, I think about another beautiful boy who was born at the same time. It’s you, my son. Thank you for being my son. Happy Christmas!

I hope you have a very merry Christmas. You are the best son anyone could have. Happy Christmas!

I hope that God gives you a lot of money this Christmas. Sending you my love and the best Christmas wishes.

May your Christmas be full of happiness about the past year and excitement for the next. Take care of yourself and have fun at the party. “Happy Christmas, dear son.”

It’s the best time of the year. Mom loves and hugs you a lot. Happy Christmas!

You are the best gift I have ever had. Happy Christmas, son.

happy christmas quotes

happy christmas quotes

To the son I love, I wish you love, peace, and happiness. Merry Christmas! I hope it’s everything you want and more. You’re right, you do deserve this.

Merry Christmas to my son, who is so great. Have a great day that is full of fun and everything else you want!

Because of you, we’d never know what to do or say. Son, you’re very much appreciated! Happy Christmas!

I hope you have a very merry Christmas, filled with chocolate cookies, hugs, love, smiles, and happiness. Happy Christmas! You have a good mother.

I hope you have all the happiness and love you want. Merry Christmas, my son!

You have a very Merry Christmas, son. Because I love you so much, you are the best gift I have ever had. Happy Christmas!

A very happy Christmas to my wonderful son. Merry Christmas! Enjoy cookies, hot cocoa, and lots of gifts today. I hope today is everything you’ve dreamed of. I love you!

I wish him a very happy Christmas. Every year, I hope this holiday brings you back to being excited as a child. šŸ™‚

Dear son, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas that is filled with the most amazing miracles possible. May all of your dreams come true at this very special time of the year.

You are even more important to us than the Christmas holiday. We hope this year is the best for you. From Mom and Dad: Merry Christmas!

There are so many things to do during the holidays! To my son: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Son, I can’t wait to see your sweet, unique holiday style again this year. I can’t wait! Merry Christmas!

Having the whole family together for Christmas is the best gift I could get. It means a lot that you always try to be close to your old family. We wish you a very happy Christmas, our sweet and loving son.

The following are Christmas wishes for a happy holiday and even more happy New Year! To a great son and his family, have a happy holiday!

Please have a wonderful holiday with lots of good food and gifts from your loved ones. My son, have a happy Christmas.

This time of year is very important. Smile as big as you can all the time. My hugs are going to yours.

Christmas Wishes for Son from Dad

You are the one thing I will always be grateful for. My son, have a happy Christmas.

This world and our family are lucky to have you. Son, have a merry Christmas, please!

Have a Merry Christmas! Son, you just keep getting cooler every year. Enjoy your time off!

Thank you for being such a great son. Joyful and caring are two things that make the holidays and every day even better.

You are a good thing. Happy Christmas, Son!

christmas verse son

christmas verse son

Thanks for being such a great son and always telling us how much you care about us on this wonderful family holiday. Happy Christmas, son.

We wish you a very happy Christmas, our beautiful son. Make sure to enjoy the festivities, but don’t forget about your old friends. You’re in my heart and I hope to see you this Christmas.

Thank you for the whole year of real care and support. When you have a son like you, it’s a good thing. So I hope this holiday, you’ll take care of yourself, too. My love, merry Christmas!

It was important to me that you know how much I love and care for you, son. I want to send you my best wishes.

People should stay warm this Christmas. Every day, I think about how much I love you and how wonderful you are. Thank you for being the best gift I could have ever asked for. You are the best. Happy Christmas!

My son, have a happy Christmas. I hope that the wonder and excitement of Christmas still fill your heart with happiness. Merry Christmas! Enjoy this holiday!

Merry Christmas to my great son! It means a lot to me that you care about this family and that I love you for who you are. You are a caring, thoughtful, and wonderful person!

My only thought this Christmas is how happy I am that you are my son. It’s the only thing I want this time of year. I want to know that you’re happy and healthy. Have a great Christmas.

This is the best time of the year, our son. You should have a great time at every single moment. Have the best Christmas ever. Love you to the moon and back, guys.

Dear son, may your life be filled with lights and music all year long. Happy Christmas!

Every Christmas, I wish we could go back to the days when I dressed up as Santa for you and you told me about your hopes and dreams. I miss those times. During Christmas, I wish I could make all of your dreams come true.

Holiday Wishes for a very happy Christmas! Merry Christmas, Son!

Let the good times roll this holiday season! Happy Christmas, Son!

Happy Christmas, Son!

May your holiday be full of fun and happiness! Happy Christmas, Son!

We hope that your Christmas is filled with happiness and lots to use in your snowball fights! Happy Christmas, Son!

Christmas Wishes for Son and His Family

Happy Christmas! This is a very special day, and I’m thinking about my son. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

This Christmas, I’d like to thank God for giving me such a beautiful family, including a wonderful son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. I love everyone.

We miss you all so much today. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without you.

As a family, I wish you a very happy Christmas and send you all hugs, kisses, and love.

“Merry Christmas to my great son!” I really couldn’t have asked for a better son than you, and you are the best. Your smile makes me happy, and you bring happiness to my life. You also make the holidays extra special!

May God always give you health and money, son. Merry Christmas!

You will always be my little son, no matter how old you get. I will always dress up as Santa Clause for you, no matter what. Merry Christmas to you, little one!

I hope you have the best Christmas ever. Son, have a happy Christmas.

merry christmas to my son

merry christmas to my son

My son, I miss you this Christmas. It will be hard for us to be apart. I will think about you and wish you were here. Merry Christmas!

You will be in our thoughts this Christmas as we put up the tree without you. So many people love you. We are so proud of the man you have become. We love you more than we love ourselves.

When I’ve been with you for Christmas, I’ve had a lot of fun. May your holidays keep getting better and better, and may you always feel happy and loved. Happy Christmas, Son!

I wish you a happy Christmas. I think about you all the time and the times we made cookies and decorated the tree together. Christmas isn’t the same without you and your smile. I want to see you again. Enjoy your Christmas.

Thank you for this message, which I want to send to my son who I love so much! Merry Christmas, my favorite thing! I love you, and I’m proud of you, too.

I’m so happy with the person you’re becoming each day, son. Please have a very Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Please have a wonderful Christmas.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” has been your favorite song. Because of this, we have to say there were some “Why the Grinch Stole Christmas” moments here and there. But, we love you no matter what! Happy Christmas!

Thank you for being so great, my son and daughter-in-law. We all love Christmas because of you!

Christmas is a time to spend time with family. On Christmas break, we’d like you to come over and spend some time with us. Let us show you what it’s like to be a boy. Mom and Dad wish you a happy Christmas.

Our favorite son has a happy Christmas. We still remember how excited you were at Christmas when you were a little boy. Merry Christmas, everyone! Don’t forget about your parents, who love you so much! Everyone wants to see you.

The Christmas season is a beautiful time of year, and we are thinking about you. Every step of the way, we send you our love. Happy Christmas!

Christmas Messages For Son

From a boy to a man, you’ve become everything I’ve ever hoped for and more! “Happy Christmas to My Son!”

I have given you a lot. So, don’t think that your looks, brains, and coolness came all on your own. Baby, it’s all about the genes! Happy Christmas, Son!

It doesn’t matter how many armpit-revealing shirts you wear. You are still a great person, even when you don’t have sleeves. Now, that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Happy Christmas!

We are happy to have you and your partner in our lives. They are our son and “daughter.”

šŸ™‚ We love you both so much. Hopefully, you will have a Christmas that is as special as you are and filled with as much love as your marriage. Our son and daughter-in-law have a happy Christmas.

The love between you and your partner should make for a sweet and love-filled holiday. Enjoy! Thank you for being a great son and daughter-in-law!

The best Christmas ever! He and his family have a happy Christmas.

A beautiful Christmas is what I’d like to send to my son and his family. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

It’s great that you know how important your family is, son. How would I describe you? You’re considerate, understanding, and never fail to show how much you enjoy spending time with me. Happy Christmas!

Even though we’ve tried, the truth is that we aren’t the most “hip” people on Earth. There is no need to worry about us. We are just happy and proud to be your parents! You’re cool enough for us all! Happy Christmas, Son!

For as long as we can remember, Christmas has been better because we had a great son like you to enjoy it with. Merry Christmas!

Watching old Christmas videos made us think about how much we love you. You should have a very merry Christmas this year. Our favorite son, have a merry Christmas.

For the holidays, we hope you can come home. If not, let us send you some love and good news. Enjoy this beautiful time of year, son. Make sure you soak up all of the warmth and love it has to offer. Happy Christmas!

Before, we had to hide the presents from you and make you think Santa Claus was coming down the chimney. You made some of the best memories of your life, my son. It’s more than we could ever ask for at Christmas to have you in our lives and make these memories. Thank you for everything. We love you more than the oceans and the heavens. Enjoy your Christmas and stay safe.

We hope your holiday is filled with smiles, happiness, and miracles! To a Wonderful Son and His Family, Merry Christmas!

Holiday greetings for a peaceful, but also fun Christmas!

Every Christmas brings hope. We hope the two of you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. In our hearts, you are both very important people.

We hope you can come home this Christmas so we can smother you with love and have fun together. Merry Christmas, our dear son.

It was a lot of fun making gingerbread houses and decorating the tree. We also drank hot cocoa and looked at Christmas lights. These are some of the most important things that have happened to us over the years at Christmas. As a family, we love the man you’ve become and we are so grateful for all of your love. Happy Christmas, son.

Christmas Greetings For Son

Boys are made of what? People say snips, snails, and puppy dog tails. I say sports, unexpected hugs, and rocks, dirt, and other things in their pockets. I love every hug, every game of sports, and every weird thing you put in your pockets. It means a lot to me that you have these special memories, my son. Happy Christmas!

It doesn’t make a difference how old you are, we hope that your Christmas season will always be magical and full of excitement for you. May it bring you happiness, tranquility, and love. Merry Christmas, our dear son. Love you to the moon and back, guys.

Christmas wishes for a wonderful holiday that is full of all the things that make you happy, great, and beautiful! Happy Christmas, Son!

There is no need to be afraid. Santa will be happy to see you. He said he wouldn’t put any coal in your stocking, but we’ll find out! Happy Christmas, Son!

It makes any holiday better to see you. Thank you for giving me a son who’s kind, caring, and strong this holiday season, Mom.

I hope this Christmas will always be as happy and bright as when you were a little boy. Dad or Mom, I love you so much. We want to send our son the happiest Christmas wishes. We are so happy with the man you have become. We love you!

Knowing that you are always and unconditionally loved is a good thing for you to know. Know that you can do anything. Keep in mind that you are becoming a kind young man with good morals. Keep in mind that you are undeniably beautiful. So happy that you are our son. “Merry Christmas to you and yours.”

When I think back to when I used to play with Legos, balls, and video games, I smile. I laugh when I think about how I tried to stop you from peeing in the yard. There is pure joy in who you have become. Some of the things that make you a great person are your intellect, strength, drive, and compassion. These are just some of them. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a great son. I love you. Happy Christmas!

I think you’re a person that people remember for all the right reasons. Having you in our lives makes us happy. We wish you the best holiday season possible! Happy Christmas, Son!

For a long time, we’ve thought you were very attractive and kind. We’ve also thought you were very smart and kind. Getting to show the world what you can do has been fun. “Merry Christmas!”

I hope your Christmas is a lot of fun this year.

With a family like yours, my Christmas list is done! He and his family have a happy Christmas.

Together, we can laugh. We can imagine things that we want to happen in our lives. We can show our pride. “Merry Christmas!”

We love you so much, snuggle bunny. You are the marshmallows in our hot cocoa, the sparkling lights on our Christmas tree, and your favorite treat of the day in our advent calendar. You are the smartest, strongest, and most kind of all the little boys on Earth. We will always love you. Happy Christmas!

You used to be a great little boy, but now you are a great man. Thank you for being one of the best things in our lives! Happy Christmas, Son!

My Son and Daughter-in-Law, have a happy Christmas! You are both a joy and a great blessing to us. You are both a joy and a great blessing. This holiday season, may you be able to enjoy it knowing that you are in our hearts.

Merry Christmas to My Son! You are always in my mind and always in my heart. I love you! People: I love you, too!

Christmas Quotes for Son

“Christmas is about the fact that we are never alone.”

“Christmas is like candy; it slowly melts in your mouth, making you want it to last forever.”

Norm Vincent Peale says that “Christmas is a time of joy, of holiday greetings, of gift-giving, and families coming together.”

When it’s Christmas, “all roads lead home.”

“Christmas is a stocking full of sweet treats.”

With all your heart, soul, strength, and mind, love your God with all of them. Then “love one another as yourself.”

The Son is the light of God’s glory and the exact picture of what God is like. He holds everything together with his powerful word. After he washed away sins, he sat at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.

It’s time to send your son a Christmas message with some of the most famous quotes.

“For me, Christmas means being happy and giving freely.” It’s a tradition for all the kids in the family to help their mom decorate the tree for Christmas.

It is one of the best things in the world when the living room gets messy on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.

People who have a happy family all wrapped up together are the best Christmas gifts.

“The thing about Christmas is that it doesn’t matter what mood you’re in or what kind of year you’ve had. It’s a new start.”

During the night before Christmas, “not even a mouse moved.”

A baby boy will be born to the Virgin. They will call him Immanuel (which means “God with us”), and they will raise him as their son.

And this is the proof: God has given us eternal life, and this life comes from his son.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son so that whoever believes in him will not die but have eternal life.”

A child is born to us, a son is given, and the government will fall on his shoulders. This is why we are happy. They’ll call him “Mighty God,” “Prince of Peace,” and “Wonderful Counselor.”

“Look! The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

There are times when I see him, but not now. I see him, but not close by. There will be a star that comes out of Jacob, and a scepter that comes out of Israel, He will break the foreheads of Moab, the skulls of all the people of Sheth, and all their bones.

When Israel was a child, I was in love with him. I called him out of Egypt and took him home.

A person or thing that came from God is called a “Word.” This person or thing is called “God.”

In our prayers, in our hearts, and always a blessing to us are you and your family. Christmas is a time when we can feel this. He and his family have a happy holiday.

Dear son, I hope you have a peaceful but fun Christmas!

When you go out, you steal hearts from everyone. It was long ago that you took ours. Happy Christmas!

As a parent, you always want to do everything you can to make your child’s Christmas unique. It doesn’t matter what age your son is. You’ll want the best for them as they spend their lives away from home or with their own family. It’s always best to send them a message of love and good fortune. A beautiful collection of words is here for you to read through. You can send them to your son this Christmas and always, to let him know that you’re thinking of him.

This time of year is the best. Christmas is the best. In the fall, the days are filled with lights and food that looks good. Share your happiness and love with your family and friends. Everybody who means a lot to us gets gifts and Christmas wishes from us. Christmas messages for your son, whether he’s young or old, are only a click away. You’re only a few words away from finding the right words for your son. This is a list of 50 Christmas messages that your son will remember for a long time. They will remind him of the magic that Christmas brings.

If you have kids, Christmas is a great time for them because they get to see Santa Clause, get gifts, eat good food, and have a lot of fun! As a child, your son has always loved the Christmas season. With everything from decorated cookies to Christmas trees soaring high, the holiday season always made him happy because it was so beautiful. Merry Christmas Wishes for Son can bring back the smiles and magic, no matter how old he is!

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