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45 Love Poems for Her

Love Poems for Her: You can write a poem based on one that suits your relationship. Poems about love for her are a great way to let her know how you feel and show her how important she is to you. Of course, it can be hard to compose poetry ourselves, but you don’t need to because this collection of poems about love for her is so enormous that you will find many beautiful love poems for her that perfectly express what you want to say. Poems are written using carefully-chosen words fitting together as a powerful tool to express your innermost feelings. Often, it is written in the midst of powerful emotions.

Love Poems for Her

My angel, my whole life,
and everything I have,
please stay with me forever, my one.
only girl. I love you so deeply,
that I know is true because
my heart beats for no one else,
just for you. Regardless of what happens,
you’re the one who always
I want to see it when I get home,
I’m like your world to you.

Love Poems for Her

Love Poems for Her

My favorite thing,
The shining star of my heart,
The most important thing to me,
We’ll never have to be apart.
The best part of my day,
The night’s stars,
My day’s bright spot,
Everything is fine because of you.
My greatest happiness,
The beating of my heart,
My dear lady,
You make me feel whole.

The wind talks about love,
A red rose smells like real love,
Using the falcon’s wings to get there,
As clean-looking as a dove,
The grass sparkles with dew drops,
And get thinner at the ends,
I get to heaven,
And kiss the sweet lips you have.

I wish you were here with me right now,
Please come back to me quickly,
Because I’m not whole without you,
You are my love, my angel, and my dear.

When I tell you, “You’re my life,” I hope
you already know it’s true,
When I say, “You’re my whole world,”
know that I can only see you.
When you can’t say anything because
you make me gasp for air,
I love you more than anything.
words ever could say.

Dreams better than anything I could think of,
You fulfill everything,
So I have a question for you,
And I hope you say, “I will”.

Cute Love Poems for Her

Cute Love Poems for Her

Today is the day for being romantic.
Our love isn’t new and crazy; it’s old and sure.
You know I belong to you, and I know you belong to me.
And saying that has given me a romantic feeling,
My dearest love, my darling valentine.

You gave me sunshine
when it was just raining,
You gave me pleasure,
when all I knew was pain.
You gave me light,
when darkness surrounded me,
You made my life better,
when you started dating me.

I Love You Poems for Her

You are my queen,
And I’ll be your person.
with everything I have,
I’ll always worship you,
We’ll never have to be apart.

My love for you rides mountains,
So many highs and lows make feelings soar.
But one thing stays the same,
I can’t forget how much I love you.
Sometimes I feel like this is too much,
I’m not sure what to do.
But let’s be honest, who are we trying to fool?
I don’t want anything but you.

If I could only tell you
how lovely you are,
But I can’t say anything,
the right words just aren’t close enough.
And even if a million poets tried
since the beginning of time,
They would only talk about a small part of
how pretty my girlfriend is.

She is Beautiful.
She moves around in Beauty,
as dark as night
Of sunny weather and
starry skies;
And all the best things about dark
and clear
meet in her aspect
her eyes, too.

How are you, lovely?
I haven’t seen you around.
I think they’re trying to find you,
Lost and found in heaven.
Because you must be an angel,
The most valuable thing in the world,
Someone so stunning,
Make me your king, please!

I love you completely.
And more than you will ever understand.
When you’re sad, it hurts,
When you’re mad, it makes me sad.
I know that we fight sometimes,
But please know that I will always love you.
I’m sure you’re the one for me,
And it will be the only one ever.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you,
To talk to my wife and split a child.
I will never say goodbye to you,
I will love you until my last breath.
If I were to die before you,
I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance to heaven.

If my love was an ocean,
You would no longer see any land.
If my love was a dry land,
It would only be sand.
If the sun were my love,
You’d only see light.
And if my love could fly,
The whole planet would fly away.

Sweet Poems for Her

When I say I love you,
please believe that it’s true,
When you hear my heartbeat,
know that it’s just for you.
When I say we’re forever,
please know there will never be,
Another person in this world
who worships you like me.

I loved you so much yesterday,
And I love you still,
I was made to love you,
And I always will.

I love your lips when they’re wet with wine
And red with a wild desire;
I love your eyes when the Lovelight lies
Lit with a passionate fire.
I love your arms when the warm white flesh
Touches mine in a fond embrace;
I love your hair when the strands enmesh
Your kisses on my face.

You are the light of my life,
You’re the center of my world,
You’re my all, you’re my everything,
You’re my one and only girl.

Last night was the best night of my life.
I can’t wait until we become man and wife.
Then we wouldn’t be making love in sin.
We could let our love flow within.
I love the taste of your sweet tender kiss,
This I don’t ever want to miss,
The way you hold me, oh, so tight,
You make everything seem just right.
I’m so happy that I have you.
My love for you is so very true.
So for now I will let the thought go,
Cause I just wanted you to know
That I love you so much my sweetheart
I don’t ever want us to be apart

Cheesy Poems for Your Girlfriend

At some point in this life,
We meet a unique person,
A soul that fits like a glove.
And finally makes us whole.
Something doesn’t feel quite right,
From all the other spirits we meet,
And we’ve known that the whole time,
We were destined to meet.
Our two souls start to talk to each other,
We get each other drunk like wine,
Things that are important and wonderful happen,
And we realize that God brought us together.
Now, our lives will always be linked,
We are now a single unit.
Everything about life has changed,
It’s the start of fun with magic.
We’re going to take a trip now,
That only you and I will know,
And be with each other forever,
As our love grows for always.

Midway through the night,
When I feel you reaching out to me,
I know I’m the luckiest person alive,
And I’m not tied down in any way.
When I wake up each morning,
And look at your calm face,
I think about how beautiful you are,
And my heart starts to beat faster.
Whenever you take my hand,
As we go down the street,
I still get goosebumps,
For the way you touch me is so sweet.
When I get to your house,
Last but not least,
I’m right where I want to be,
I will always be with you.
And when we went to sleep,
To get some sleep,
I gaze at you in wonder,
And everything seems to be going well.
I will dream about you,
And you can have me during the day,
You’ve made my life magical,
Because I have you, everything is great in my life.

Bright star, I wish I were as steady as you.
Not just one piece of beauty held up the night
And watching with their eyes always open,
Like nature’s patient, sleepless Eremite,
The moving waters at their priestly job
Of pure cleansing around the human shores of the earth,
Or looking at the soft-fallen new mask
From the snow on the mountains and moors–
No, but still firm, still unwavering,
Placed on my beautiful love’s growing breast,
To feel its soft rise and fall forever,
Awake for all time in a sweet restlessness,
Still, still to hear her softly breathing,
So, live forever or die of a faint.
We have to be romantic today.
Think of a different Valentine.
We both know the rules and stick to them:

It’s so great to be loved by you,
You make me happier than I ever thought possible.
I live for your laugh, and when you smile, my heart jumps for joy.
You make me happy, especially when I see you walking down the aisle.
How did I get so fortunate? I must have done something really great.
To be lucky enough to have an angel who lets me fly on her wings.
I don’t know anyone else who moves like you do,
Your soft flow has a strong effect on me.
Those cute little ears and those beautiful eyes,
I get lost inside you and time quickly flies.
The soft and sweet touch of your skin,
It makes me long for the day when our lips will touch.
When you’re not with me, when we’re not together,
Something seems to be missing in the middle of my heart.
So stay with me forever, stay by my side forever,
Be my constant partner and make our lives better.
Everything I hope for and wish for in this life,
Is to have you as my wife for a hundred years.

Romantic Love Poems for Her

My heart’s fondest desires,
you so perfectly fulfill,
I love you with every cell
in my body, and I always will.

I long to be by your side,
my heart aches for your touch,
Now I guess I know what it means
to love someone so much.

How deep is my love?
You asked me before,
It’s deeper than the
bottom of the sea,
So far from the shore.
How strong do I love you?
You inquire of me,
Stronger than diamonds,
I promise to thee.
How brightly does our flame burn?
You may wish to know,
Like the core of the sun,
And it continues to grow.
How beautiful am I?
You often request,
This is an easy one,
Your prettier than all the rest.
Will I follow you forever?
You say with eager eyes,
You are my comet and I am your tail,
Eternally pursuing, for
I know not otherwise.

Cute Poems for Her

Midway through the night,
When I feel you reaching out to me,
I know I’m the luckiest person alive,
And I’m not tied down in any way.
When I wake up each morning,
And look at your calm face,
I think about how beautiful you are,
And my heart starts to beat faster.
Whenever you take my hand,
As we go down the street,
I still get goosebumps,
For the way you touch me is so sweet.
When I get to your house,
Last but not least,
I’m right where I want to be,
I will always be with you.
And when we went to sleep,
To get some sleep,
I gaze at you in wonder,
And everything seems to be going well.
I will dream about you,
And you can have me during the day,
You’ve made my life magical,
Because I have you, everything is great in my life.

The sun’s blaze touches my face;
As I woke up, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.
Then I start to look out the window at the view;
Trying to figure out a puzzle as hard as a maze.
I have no idea what I’m feeling, but I think I’m falling;
On the edge, hoping someone will catch them.
I don’t want to see my heart break because it’s too weak;
I hope you feel the same way, because if you don’t, I will cry.

The sky was lit by
the splendor of the moon
So powerful
I fell to the ground
Your love
has made me sure
I am ready to forsake
this worldly life
and surrender
to the magnificence
of your Being

When I wish upon a star
I do not have to look too far
’cause sitting right next to me
shining bright and true
is the loveliest star I ever knew,
Its true stars are gassy,
They tend to twinkle and fade
but my little star for eternity was made
I know your flaws,
You surely know mine
but like stars in the sky
our love will burn up the night!

They say, roses are red
And, violets are blue
But I say to you my dear
I will always be true.

Long Love Poems for Her from Him

I really miss you,
I need you to touch me,
What would make someone,
Love someone else so much?
I can only think about you,
When you aren’t with me,
And as soon as we’re back together,
My soul is set free.
Without you, I’m very sad.
Trying to find air to breathe,
I feel like a fish in a bowl.
A hurt that only you can fix.
Still, I’d be happy to be this way,
If it means I’ll be able to see you again,
Because you are the reason I live,
The only person I really love.

The rose is red, the violet is blue,
I love you because you are so great.
I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.
I will always have to love you deeply.
The Earth and Sun might disappear,
But nothing will stop me from clinging to you.
I will always try to find you, my dear,
I will try to make sure you have nothing to worry about.
I’ll keep you safe from life’s storms.
I’ll protect you and keep you out of trouble.
I’ll tease you with love just to make you laugh.
And if you ever need help, I’ll go the extra mile.
Every day, I’ll try to make you laugh.
No matter how hard things get, I’ll always find a way.
Because you are my angel and I want to make you happy,
I just seek your happiness and keep you so near.
And I will never fail you, I will never fall,
Because I can’t do anything without you.
With you, I’m strong, confident, and can’t be stopped.
You belong in my arms, where I can hold you.
So don’t worry about the problems and dangers of this world,
For I am your man and you are my girl.
I’ll be the strength you need when you’re feeling weak.
I’ll look out for you and take the lead.
I’ll take your hand and show you how to get there.
I will always be able to say the right thing.
You will never be lost or travel alone,
I will always go deep into the unknown ahead of you.
And as the night goes on and the shadows hang over us,
I’ll make sure that all you can see is the brightest light.
You will be loved and cherished forever.
for the rest of your life, always and forever
I’ll take care of you, my wife.

Love is as new as the dew on a rose.
petals on a morning with fog.
It’s crisp and sharp, like the blades of grass.
a sunny meadow with grass.
Love is the song of a bird in the early morning.
break the night’s silence.
It’s the ocean breeze, which is good for you.
It caresses my face and makes me feel good.
Love is everywhere, like the pine needles.
On a pine tree, there are always a lot of them.
Your love is so pure and new that it gets me out of bed.
in a way I didn’t know before.
I have a heightened sense of awareness.
the world around me, in a new way.
There are more sounds and colors.
pleasant and all makes me smile.
The love you put into my heart keeps it going.
the blood in my veins,
And makes every sad cell better.
brings life back to my body.
With your love, you have set me free.
I will spend the rest of my life
giving you the same thing.

Best Love Poetry for the One You Love

Brighter than the stars
Even more beautiful than the sun
The moon is more beautiful.
You are the one, baby.
More beautiful than sunrise
Even more beautiful than twilight
More attractive than the colors of dusk
Baby, you’re really pretty.

I wouldn’t want anything else,
Then you right here next to me,
And as soon as you come back to me,
I’ll always love you, my dear.

I wouldn’t rather do anything else,
rather do nothing but make a
queen out of you, You should get a crown.
a crown and a scepter,
your beauty is just so stunning,
My love is only for you.

No matter what you say
it makes me gasp for air,
If you look at me like this,
It makes me gasp for air,
When you hold me close and don’t let go,
it makes me gasp for air,
Whenever you say “I love you,”
It makes my day so much better!

The smartest thing I ever did,
Was for my soul to find you.
I’ve always known I was made for someone,
And I know who it is!

We fell in love when
I wasn’t sure if it was real.
By now, after many years
I’d never give you up.
We liked what we saw in each other.
Some people only wish for
You make my life every day.
The best of the rest.

Beautiful Love Poems for Her

Our future is a gift to be opened,
filled with unimaginable treasures.
It’s a book to be read,
brimming with all of life’s pleasures.

Snuggles, giggles, hugs, and wiggles,
Our life together feels like tickles made of feathers.
I laugh, I bubble, I snap, and I sprout.
We bob up and down and waddle around.
Our love is bouncy and goes up and down, as we slip and slide through jiggling pops.
There are lots of hugs and kisses, and fluffy pink peaches float down to the ground.
This is the only way I can think of to describe us both: baby balloons and happy butterflies.

Kiss me, won’t you kiss me,
Under the night’s deep blue sky,
Make it long, make it last, and make it so right.
Embrace me, won’t you embrace me,
Deep in the moonlight, make it strong, make it warm, and make it so tight.
Stay with me right now, and please don’t leave me ever. You’re the only girl I’ll ever want, and I’ll always be yours.

How could one person be so important to me?
You are now in charge of it, and I can’t get away.
I wouldn’t want to either.
Being your slave is better than having any freedom.
I’m happy to let my soul merge with yours and for my life to become so intertwined with yours.
Even though it’s scary, the excitement and happiness are much bigger.
For a moment, I try to imagine what it would be like to lose you. It’s an impossible and painful thought.
I can’t think about it, so I just set it aside.
Losing you is the scariest thing in my world because you are my world and losing you would mean losing everything I have.
Even though I know this will happen and it scares me, it’s all worth it to be loved by you.
We walk this scary life path together because it would be dangerous no matter what.
But when shadows fall over us, I can temporarily forget about them because I get lost in your love.
Holding your hand, kissing your forehead, and watching you move like a gentle wave makes my heart happy.
Everything is great and worth it.
If I’m going to walk the road of life, which will eventually end, why not do it with the most magical person?
You make me feel so happy that I can hardly speak.
Your lips are like honey to me, and your kiss makes me feel alive.
When you touch my cheek, I get a rush like no other. I can’t help but reach out and pull you close.
Life is always an adventure in some way, but I want to have adventures with you.
There’s no one I’d rather have by my side than you, my sweet angel. You make my life worth living.

Short Love Poems that Will Make Her Cry

I fell in love with
you yesterday,
And I love you so much
more today,
I can only imagine,
How much more
I will love you

How is it that
you are real?
My dreams were never created
something like you.
I still have to
pinch me,
Because I’m amazed
you are true.

Roses are, like,
red and stuff,
Violets are,
you know, blue.
I’m not super
awesome with words,
But, whatever,
I totally love you.

I’ll plant a row
of daisy seeds,
In the space
below each eye,
So they’ll remind you
of your beauty,
When they bloom
each time you cry.

So long did I dream of
the perfect girl,
And now I realize
it’s you,
But you’re so much more
than I imagined,
Thanks for making
my dreams come true!

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Here you will find short love poems for her, Long Paragraphs for Her copy and paste, cute love poems for her, romantic love poems for her, and long love poems for her. We are certain you’ll find the best love poems for her that will make her heart melt for you!

Best Love Poems for Her

Best Love Poems for Her

Love Poems for Her

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