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120 UNDOUBTABLE Love Failure Quotes and Messages with Images

Love Failure Quotes: Love isn’t a contest in which you get to see who wins and who loses. It’s a beautiful system. It doesn’t matter if it ends up. You are still a happier guy when you are in love. Love should not have to be evil because of a bad relationship or a bad decision. The failure of your actions is the lack of your affection. There is no such thing as perfection, and not everybody is right for you. Furthermore, the kind of love we feel as teenagers is not the best kind from a variety of perspectives. Here are some emotional and Love failure quotes and message with images that are unbelievable to help you cope with a relationship loss.

love failure quotes

To begin with, you have no idea what you are looking for or longing for. You’re going to include someone else with you at an age that you don’t really understand yourself. And, obviously, love will not last long until the self disappears. Regardless of who you love, you must dissolve yourself. “Why should I lose myself while the other person does not?” and “Is it important to lose our self-identity?” are common questions these days.

The love that occurs when you are thoroughly prepared for it, on the other hand, never leaves you. It is not a romantic relationship. Love should not be like this. Giving each other the strength and space to flourish is what love is all about. Joy is giving each other their own space and time. Love is giving anything you have without getting much in return. And how can failure occur if nothing is expected? Neither success nor loss will come. Sad love quotes to lift your spirits.

love failure quotes

Quotes On Love Failure That Would Make You Cry

It’s preferable to have loved and lost than to have never loved.”

It is admirable to do what you love for the sake of someone you care for.”

Love joins life in the centre, turning it into a fairy tale.”

I feel whole when I love you, but watching you love someone other than me makes me feel unworthy of it.”

Everyone is aware that there is a problem between us, but no one knows what it is.”

love failure quotes

True love is more profound and genuine than the love you’ve been used to.”

True and sincere love is not the same as the love depicted in movies and novels. The kind of love that ends up being a disappointment isn’t really loved. Love should be enough to set you free.”

You should be able to climb inside yourself by falling in love. You are spending most of your time together because of the passion you are feeling. You think it’s falling apart if you don’t text or call each other for a day.”

Love that demands everything in return is doomed to fail.”

When you have someone in your heart but can’t hold them in your arms, it hurts physically.”

When you know you aren’t as important to anyone as you thought, it hurts.”

sad love quotes

It’s not the negative memories that make you sad; it’s the ones you can’t get back.”

To make way for smiles, people often have to sob out loudly from their ears.”

Deleting old texts that meant a lot to you is one of the most difficult things to do.”

It’s preferable to have no company than to have the wrong company.”

Perhaps you left me floating in the air because this planet isn’t ours to share.”

Love Failure Quotes and Messages

♥ Love is an emotion that resides inside you, and you are the only one that can influence how it manifests. Love is just a characteristic of yours that encourages you to be more caring and to dig deeper into yourself. People who are more mature learn to cope with their lives on their own. Love is a feeling that we have for ourselves, not for others.”

sad love quotes

In and by itself, love is necessary. And if it is one-sided, it is complete and innocent. You must first love yourself in order to be able to survive forever. Success isn’t definitive, and failure isn’t fatal; what remains is the will to keep moving. Any relationship should begin with love rather than end with it.”

You have to choose between your work and your passion at times. They should not, in reality, be choices. When your love is genuine, it liberates and empowers you. You should still choose your independence if it is not keeping you independent.”

Love that today makes you interdependent will handicap you tomorrow. In every partnership, development is critical. The partnership will not develop until you grow personally. You can’t give yourself to anyone else because you’re being yourself.”

It’s fine if choosing your rights costs you your friendship. You should be able to relinquish control of the factors that limit your rights. This isn’t what you’d call a love loss. The love you shared was genuine, and the feelings you had will continue to be genuine. Simply put, the engagement will come to an end.”

This situation will, though, arise when you are not yet a family. In India, at least. To save your family, you’ll have to give up your freedom. Otherwise, in today’s India, the situation is unthinkable. Neither is it welcomed.”

The ultimate lust is love. And nothing beats the ultimate.”

The people who have been hurt the hardest are the ones who have the most depth.”

We went from strangers to lovers to absolute strangers again.”

When I backed out and you let me go, it was the most traumatic recollection I have.”

I loved somebody, but love isn’t always enough.”

My heart feels like a shard of a mirror after the breakup. It’s better to stay shard than to get hurt trying to patch it.”

If love has failed, it is obvious that it is not loved. The more you explore your feelings for another person, the more selfless you become. When you see a loss in love, it’s time to realise that people aren’t being selfless.”

To all kinds of questions, the answer is no, you don’t have to forget about yourself. You must be yourself, but you must still respect the other person’s life. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about growing up, whether you dissolve into them and lose yourself or them. When you are happy by yourself, you will dissolve into someone else.”

Best Quotes About Love Failure

Joy allows you to discover parts of yourself that have never been experienced before. This will never go wrong.”

Love is wonderful, but it can be excruciatingly painful at times.”

Love is selfless at all times. Love is not as it is until there is a need to love someone. Love’s true meaning is much more profound than you might think. To begin with, loving does not have to be done on purpose.”

It is not enough for you to have someone to love just like all of your other friends do. The subject of Indian television shows is shifting away from passion. This is why any adolescent considers college to be the place where they can meet their soul mate.”

Now, the college-aged community has no experience of life and has never experienced any struggles. They want to fantasise about love and are eager to make love on campus from the first day. Everything, not just passion, will fail if you take this approach.”

Love endures even though moving apart is preferable to growing together.”

Nothing hurts worse than learning he meant the world to you and you to him.”

The majority of relationships fail when one partner is too loved and the other is underloved.”

You cheated on me, and I erred by believing you.”

Even the sky isn’t blue. It is not always possible to see the sun. As a result, it’s perfectly acceptable to break down from time to time.”

When I let him go, I let go of all my hopes and dreams.”

Love is already present in the individual who finds love in something else.”

You should be grateful for the bad relationships in your life. They will break you, but they will also educate, improve, reinforce, and train you for the right one.”

There are moments that we feel a lot but can only express a small part of it.”

Love is self-evident. Relationships aren’t like that.”

Our closest relationships bring us the most pleasure and the most pain.”

Sad Love Quotes

It’s crazy how anyone can break your heart and yet make you love them wholeheartedly.”

I know my heart will never be the same, but I’m convincing myself that it will be fine.”

Allowing others to be your priority but still allowing yourself to be their choice is never a good idea.”

It isn’t how tragically we die, but how miraculously we survive, that counts.”

Don’t waste your love on someone who doesn’t answer you.”

Love does not hurt; however, loving the wrong person hurts even more.”

The way you treat losses determines your success.”

When the need to find something more has passed, love has arrived. You get rid of all the other bonds when you form a love bond. If your love is true, it will not cause your soul to wander from place to place.”

Trying to figure out whether or not a partnership is working does not take an inordinate amount of time. We are deceiving ourselves by going through this trial and error process. Why chase anything if you don’t know what you want?”

It is a choice to fall in love. And it’s best not to make love if you’re not thoroughly prepared. The joy that occurs because you can love only because others have found their partner. You’re still feeling lonely. Love doesn’t love from the heart. It’s just a need from inside. And with that, the requirement is fulfilled. Love doesn’t work that way. So, when something goes wrong, it’s not out of passion. Your need is the one that is failing.”

Love isn’t a destination where you will either excel or fail.”

I love you, the saddest lines in my soul. I know you can’t love me back, so I’m not going to try.”

Sad Quotes About Love and Pain

You don’t have to live with any loss, not just passion. Instead, you should go for it. It is an illusion, particularly when it comes to love. Both failure and performance are delusions in and of themselves. When people refuse or desert you, though, you get anxious.”

When you are rejected by others, it is normal to feel insecure, depressed, and down. That’s a very human trait to have. So, if you’ve fallen in love, I’m guessing you’re both mature and grown-up. Handle the problem as if you’re an adult.”

You can come up with a long list of excuses that the other person refused or abandoned you at first. It may be your fault, or they just aren’t interested in you.”

You are not in control of their interests. You are solely responsible for the errors. So, here’s how you can deal with your failed love relationship:”

You don’t lose your equilibrium when you go deeper and deeper into the cave. That is what it takes to fall in love. At the very least, you’re starting to dig deeper.”

Love is an emotion that exists inside you, and only you have control over how it manifests.”

There is a link between the two of you. Don’t let the outside world get in the way. However, you already possess the whole definition of passion. You don’t really need to be loved in return. This process of isolation and attention-seeking is only for children.”

More mature people learn to cope with their lives on their own. Love is just a quality of yours that makes you more compassionate and allows you to delve deeper into yourself.”

You don’t need someone else to remind you of this – “you are beautiful,” “you are enough,” and so on – because the love that raises you is enough. You are aware of your own sufficiency.”

Love isn’t a feeling we have for others; it’s a feeling we have for ourselves.”

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Sad Emotional Love Quotes

The risk of falling in love is that you are not capable of loving. This is a fallacy, since love is a quality, and quality should not be measured or judged in any way. Everyone has their own kind of love. And everybody wishes for love that is compatible with their own.”

As a result, falling in love is a complete reality. That may be due to a lack of comprehension of the meaning of passion. Love is sufficient in and of itself. It is complete and innocent, even though it is one-sided. When it comes to romantic love, you might realise that it won’t work out the same way it does now for the rest of your life. And this is ideal.”

I am reminded of him by everything I see and do. I wish I had the power to remove all of his memories from his mind.”

And though I don’t get it, I’m learning to trust the journey.”

People who are looking for love from the outside will be hungry for a long time. Outside passion will quench the hunger for a while, but not indefinitely. To be able to live forever, you must first love yourself.”

When a certain person is present, you become cheerful and jolly; when that person is not present, you revert to your box look. Is this a romantic relationship? In nature, you should still be caring. As is your mother. Nature’s divinity, to be sure.”

Your mother does not become compassionate only because you are there. Any act she does is done with affection. As a result, her love is never questioned. Such love transcends success and loss.”

It was never the kind of love you were looking for when it failed.”

Have you ever seen your mother’s devotion failing you? Almost certainly, you will be perplexed. She would be unable to communicate. However, no one would be able to avoid seeing it. This is the unbreakable force of passion.”

We will remain children when our love fails, no matter how adult we want to be.”

We build walls to see who cares enough, not to lock people out.”

Love is like the sea; it’s peaceful and reassuring, but it can also be violent.”

I knew you’d break your vows, so I believed you too.”

It is only because we refuse to love that love fails.”

One Sided Sad Love Quotes

She left me alone forever when she stepped through the fence.”

Success isn’t final, and defeat isn’t fatal; what matters is the will to keep going.”

Any engagement should not end because of love. It is, rather, the very beginning. This is where we all make mistakes. Typically, in our films, passion is portrayed as the result. That’s what we end up saying as well.”

In novel weddings, “happily thereafter” is just a word. After that, the fight starts in the true ones.”

You must continue to trust life’s process for your relationship to last. Consider your best half as a separate individual who has entered your world. Your significant other is a being, not a possession. However, life is meant to be enjoyed.”

You’re on the brink of finding love. Failure never comes when you least expect it.”

The important thing to remember is that love is a never-ending journey. It just comes to an end when you die. And the outcome will never appear when you are on your way.”

In a nutshell, you can’t choose the outcome when you’re on the way to accomplishing something. And passion isn’t something you win. It’s a method that just becomes more complicated as time goes by.”

Please return to our old haunts, where we used to make wonderful memories.”

No matter how many other people they encounter, if anyone really likes you, it will show. They will not change their feelings for you. It is impossible to steal a true lover.”

Some people are destined to be in love, but not to be together.”

Whether you’ve had love failures. And don’t be disappointed. It’s just that your potential girlfriend is hoping to meet you while you’re still single.”

I wish I could go back in time to avoid falling in love with you.”

No matter how many other people they encounter, if anyone really likes you, it will show. Their feelings for you remain constant throughout their lives.”

I hope that one day, my love will love me as much as she once did.”

Accepting yourself where you are preventing you from being discouraged by your shortcomings. Alternatively, you are not self-shaming. You’re proud of your flaws. It entails embracing yourself as you are rather than striving for excellence.”

When you are deserving, you will be valued. Respect is far more essential than love. People are drawn to you because of your worthiness. If you’ve ever had relationship setbacks, you’ll understand that you’re replaceable.”

Make yourself irreplaceable by making yourself deserving. Often, just because you love each other doesn’t mean you can marry each other. You can grow apart while maintaining the same love for each other.”

Saddest Love Quotes

Get your self-worth high enough to be heard.”

When you’re an adolescent, it’s normal to fall in love when you’re heard. This does not imply that you will be a fashion model. People who are self-assured and brave are attractive. All who decide to be authentic is stunning. Every smile is lovely.”

Let your personality stand out enough that people want to be around you. On the other hand, you do not spend your time entertaining anyone. You should concentrate on your research and other important tasks. Still, if you want to be hated, make yourself a guy who can’t be hated.”

It is an insult to the future to destroy yourself because of history.”

My true love and best friend were both taken from me. I still can’t believe it’s over.”

Never underestimate the value of an individual. Maintain a close heart for everyone.”

Now that you’re gone, what I can do is embrace the fact that our love isn’t mutual.”

To make way for a heart full of smiles, people often have to cry out all of their tears.”

When you walked out and never returned, I lost everything I had worked for.”

Pain makes you stronger, fear makes you brave, and failing to love makes you wiser.”

Don’t be afraid to begin from the beginning. A fresh beginning is a chance to build the life you really want.”

Learn to let go of the past and live with what life has to bring right now.”

You took the fragments of my heart with you when you went.”

We constructed walls around the heart from time to time, not to hold people away, but to see who cared enough.”

Relationships are transparent. It’s sometimes preferable to leave them smashed rather than risk injuring yourself trying to bring them back together. – Unidentified”

I’m not trusting my intuition anymore because it keeps getting me into trouble.”

You can’t deter people from leaving, so you can change your attitude about it.”

It proves me wrong any time I believe life can’t get any worse.”

There are no issues if you don’t have a lover.”

It is preferable to be single than to remain in an unhealthy partnership.”

Ours was the hottest passion, but it ended with the coldest love loss.”

Why is it that the person you love the most still hurts you the most?”

The kiss you gave me when we parted ways the most excruciating remembrance.”

You burnt the bridges that allowed me to meet you the day you turned your back on me.”

Ego, personality, and ignorance destroy relationships.”

My heart is something I am very proud of. It’s been smashed, stabbed, and defrauded, but it still works.”

The most frustrating thing is that I put so much faith in you and never expected you to hurt me so badly.”

Skinned knees are easier to heal than a shattered heart, so I wish I was a kid again.”

I’d rather be single than loving someone who would never love me back.”

When you walked away and said farewell, I counted your moves.”

Even if we didn’t get along, she will always have a place in my heart.”

It hurts a lot when you set aside time for anyone but me.”

You must consider what is best for you and what is best for your loved one. You haven’t lost if moving apart makes things right. Instead, you have maturely accepted and understood your passion.”

When your loved one passes away, you must remember that life has so much more to come than love. Love is just a part of it, and it can take several forms, such as your cat, best friend, or brother. It’s not the end of the world whether you struggle to articulate or choose love.”

Concentrate on the bigger picture of life. Life is full of new beginnings and possibilities. You have the ability to shape your life in ways you never could. Love isn’t about making all the concessions and coming to terms with anything. If it isn’t liberating, it isn’t passion.”

It is also necessary to sacrifice love to accept your true self.”

Love is not something you pursue from the outside; instead, strive to be lovable from the inside. You get to be cute from the inside as you embrace yourself as you are.”

This whole “accepting yourself as you are” thing is starting to get on my nerves. People like to be lazy and use phrases like “I love being lazy” to describe themselves.”

Sad Love Life Quotes And Sayings

Love is unending. Your life is defined by love. Love is a natural phenomenon. And love is what gives you hope and holds you there. Such a beautiful thing as Love will never let you down. If you believe you’ve failed at love, you’ve misunderstood it.”

I’ll wait before either I forget about you or you know you can’t forget about me.”

I’d always remember the fun times we had together, no matter how bad things turned out.”

Any failed love leaves a hole in your heart that no other love can fill.”

I’m still standing in the rain, trying to find a spot to shield my tears.”

You were the source of my joy, but I had no idea you’d also be the source of my tears.”

When you love someone while thinking that they will never love you back, it’s the hardest thing in the world.”

It’s difficult to miss someone with whom you’ve shared your dreams for a long time.”

Exhale love loss, inhale the lecture.”

Crying is pointless; tears can not get me back to you.”

The most agonising fear is that I will walk away and you will not pursue me.”

I’ll joke so you can’t see how much agony I’m in.”

Love isn’t something that comes from inside you. You are the one. And you can only grow as a person with each loss and achievement.”

The more you are in love, the higher you grow. If you’re not progressing, it’s because of your choices, not because of the theory of marriage.”

Love can take many forms, including varying frequencies, behaviours, and emotions, but at the end of the day, what matters is whether you are genuinely loving or not.”

Love is merely a pleasant aspect of your feelings. And neither you nor anyone else should be bothered by something sweet.”

That which is love will thrive in the end.”

I’m going to keep all of my lies to myself because there are some people I don’t like.”

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