Motivational quotes about good person and life sayings

38 Motivational Quotes About Good Person and Life Sayings

Motivational quotes about good person and life sayings
Inspirational Quotes On Being A Good Person. Being a good person is important in life, when you give good out into the world you will receive it back. A good person is always willing to help people around them. People with great hearts come into our life when we need help. Some say they are God sent, and some credit it to destiny. These good people change our little world. Good people quotes express the thoughts of good people.

  • “Be a good person, it is easier than pretending to be a good person.” ~ Nitin Namdeo

We have rounded up the best collection of good person quotes, sayings, and captions.

Motivational quotes about good person and life sayings

Looking for the best good person messages for the best day. here are we collected the best quotes for you about a good person.

1. Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” — Plato

2. “I try to be a good person – I don’t always succeed, but that’s what I’m shooting for.” — Will Forte

3. “I don’t go out with the plan, ‘Let me find a celebrity to go date.’ That’s just not something you do. I’m just looking for a good person, someone who can be my friend, and someone I can have fun with. She doesn’t have to be a celebrity; she can be a regular chick. She’s got to be smart, though. I like smart women” — Matt Kemp

4. “When I fight someone who’s not a good person, I want to beat him.” — Jon Jones

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5. “We get so caught up in winning all the time, but it’s also even more important to be a good person, so that’s what I learned.” — Aly Raisman

6. “Either accept people for what they are, or don’t. So, in other words, man, if people don’t know me, I think they do themself an injustice. Because, as a whole, I think I’m a good person.” — Ike Turner

7. “I know I’m a good person.” — Liam Hemsworth

8. “I found the right man, got married, and just had to keep not reinventing myself, just deciding that it doesn’t matter what you are if you are a good person.” — Lisa Kudrow

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9. “I’m not a good person to have as an enemy; say nice things about me.” — Janice Dickinson

10. “I’m learning a lot about how to be one of the ‘good’ actors. You’d hope that it’s natural to be a good person, and kind, but I’m learning how to deal with long, sometimes boring days.” — Lily James

Famous quotes on good person to inspire be yourself

11. “A nice person is a ‘yes’ person, whereas a good person is a person who accepts their responsibility in things and moves forward and tries to constantly evolve and isn’t afraid to say no or challenge someone or be honest or truthful.” — Miranda Kerr

12. “Ultimately, I want to be a good person and spread happiness through my acting. If I don’t forget to be appreciative and thankful, then that would be the most important thing that I’ll ever achieve.” — Park Bo-gum

13. “At the end of the day, I stand by who I am. I’m a good person.” — Taraji P. Henson

14. “My dad is one of my favorite human beings in the world. He’s just a good person, and he could entertain a brick wall.” — Thomas Rhett

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15. “I like to think of myself as a genuinely good person.” — Stephen Miller

16. “I believe in love, children and being a good person.” — Leighton Meester

17. “As an adult, I’ve always tried to be a good person my whole life, so I’ve made good friends, and I’ve always built great relationships and been friendly with people. I always think what you do to others will come to you, so that’s how I treat people.” — Roman Reigns

18. “For me, life is about experience and being a good person.” — Chris Hemsworth

19. “I just disagree so much with the way the Catholic Church says things like, ‘If you’re not a good person, you’ll die and go to Hell; there’s a purgatory there…’ If I was talking with a Holy Ghost, it would scare the living Hell out of me.” — Ronnie James Dio

20. “At the end of the day, if you feel like you’re a good person, and your intentions are good, then that’s all that matters.” — Madison Beer

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21. “I know my soul is beautiful; I know I’m a good person. And that will never change for me.” — Khloe Kardashian

22. “I’ve always been a good person, but I wanna be, like, the best person.” — Lil Yachty

23. “Be a good person. The best person you can be. That’s what matters.” — Kane Brown

24. “I want people to remember me as a full on entertainer and a good person.” — Aaliyah

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25. “I’m a good person.” — Sidney Poitier “I’ve met Theresa May, and I think she’s a good person. I’m not someone who goes, ‘Ooooh, boooo, the Tories,’ or ‘Ooooh, boo’ anyone, actually. You sit down and have a sensible conversation, and she is really, really capable of having a sensible conversation.” — Sandi Toksvig

26. “I think my heart is quite selfish. If I followed my heart, I would not be a good person. But I have moral principles. I have to sit down and reflect.” — Jo Nesbo

27. “Partly, I like a bad reputation. But I also want a reputation of being a good person.” — Joan Jett

28. “Just because someone is your family member doesn’t mean they’re a good person.” — Kali Uchis

29. “I learnt a whole lot from my mother. About music, relationships, being a good person, loving people, the whole of life. I learnt about everything from her. Every single day I think about her. All through the day.” — R. Kellyc

30. “Gee, I wish that life were so black and white that you can’t think of a single person who, you know, a good person who has done bad things.” — Mazie Hirono

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31. “I think generally I’m a pretty good person if I had to grade myself. Or toot my own horn.” — Kid Rock

32. “Someone who is a good person should have no fear of the government whatsoever.” — Penn Jillette

33. “I know my strong points: I work hard, I have talent, I’m funny, and I’m a good person.” — Pink

34. “Obviously, you’re known for what you do. But you still want to be known as a good person. You’re a person a lot longer before and after you’re a professional athlete.” — Derek Jeter

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35. “I’m close to Coach Kingsbury. He really helped my game and helped me as a person a lot. He’s a genuine good person and, at the same time, a very smart football coach.” — Patrick Mahomes

36. “People wonder aloud about whether I am an okay mother. That is obviously painful because it’s so important to me. It’s hard to hear that people think I’m not a capable mother and a good person, that they just think I’m nuts.” — Angelina Jolie

37. “I had many teachers that were great, positive role models and taught me to be a good person and stand up and be a good man. A lot of the principals they taught me still affect how I act sometimes and it’s 30 years later.” — Kevin James

Good Person…

Being a good person is more important than being the best football player in the world. According to Albert Einstein, being a human being is valuable and gives value to life. Bhumibol Adulyadej said that a good person can make another person good, which means that goodness will elicit goodness in the society. A good person treats everyone with care and respect and is honest, helpful, and morally right. It is rare to find good people.

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