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200 Romantic Happy Birthday Love Quotes for Him / Her – Happy Birthday Love

Happy Birthday Love Quotes for Him/Her: Send a birthday message to your loved one with wonderful quotes. Once a year, we celebrate the birth of a new human being. It’s an excellent way to express your sentiments to your lover. We’ve compiled a list of romantic birthday wishes for you to send to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or fiance. You may go a long way with just a simple birthday love quote. Make them adore you even more by doing this. Make his or her birthday more memorable with one of these Birthday Love Quotes. Your loved one’s birthday should be a special occasion, so spend it with them.

Here are some romantic birthday wishes for a partner:

  • “I am the luckiest person on Earth because I have the most wonderful person by my side”.
  • “I can’t wait to celebrate with you, baby”.
  • “You bring so much joy into my life”.
  • “I’m so lucky to get another year around the sun with you!” .
  • “You get hotter by the year!” .
  • “I’m so glad you were born”.
  • “Sending loads of hugs and kisses to the best boyfriend in the world”.
  • “I feel so blessed to have you and to call you my own”.
  • “Seeing you smile lights me up, and feeling your warmth gives me rest”.
  • “Ever since I met you, life hasn’t seemed so boring”.
  • “Happy birthday to the moon of my life, the one who lights up my whole world”.
  • “May your birthday be filled with excitement, and may you have a stress-free life full of success and happiness”.

Happy Birthday My Love Quotes Happy Birthday Images

Make it a memorable occasion by putting some thought into it. Let your loved ones know how much you care by writing a birthday message that goes beyond “Happy Birthday.” Romantic birthday phrases and birthday greetings for your special someone are provided here. On your partner’s birthday, I recommend that you spend some time crafting a heartfelt happy birthday love letter or message for them. It’s worth it to make sure your special someone knows how much you care about them on their special day. Writing and sending birthday love letters, notes, greetings, wishes, or whatever is a simple and effective way to do so.

To help you celebrate your partner’s birthday, we’ve compiled an impressive collection of happy birthday my love messages that you can effortlessly copy and paste to your loved one. To see them, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Happy Birthday!!!

1. Happy Birthday to a [him/her] who is the frosting on my cake, the flame on my candles, and the helium in my balloon.

2. Happy Birthday to the one who completes my life.

3. I love the sparkle in your eyes and the beautiful smile you have when we are together. I want to be by your side to watch you celebrate many more birthdays.

4. Happy birthday to the one I love! Sometimes, I feel like pulling my heart out of my chest to show you just how much I love you.

5. I just want to say how grateful I am to have you in my life. Best birthday to you and thank you for always being there for me. I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

6. Someone so caring and wonderful deserves more than just one birthday wish. I hope I can make some of your wishes come true! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Love Quotes

7. Thank you so much for showing me the true meaning of love. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have given me. I love you and Happy Birthday!

8. Today I raise my glass to you! Happy Birthday, Lover! Cheers to the amazing person you are and thank you for letting me love you!

9. May this day be as sunny as your smile, and as beautiful as you are. You shine every day, but on this day, you will shine the brightest. Happy Birthday.

Short Happy Birthday My Love Quotes Happy Birthday Pictures

10. I have never met a person who is as sweet as you are. On this day, we celebrate your sweetness by eating a sweet cake and drinking some sweet wine.

11. I’m so glad you came into the world, and I’m even more glad you came into my world. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

12. Happy birthday my love! On this special occasion of your life, I want to remind you that I am here, truly, madly, deeply in love with you!

13. The twinkle in your eyes has had me captivated for all this time. Every single day I am thankful that you are in my life. But today, especially, because it’s the day you were born. Happy Birthday, my sweet love.

14. You are my best friend, I give you my heart, I can’t imagine life without you. As you start the new year, I want to wish you a happy birthday. May all your dreams come true.

15. Your heart is where I belong, and my heart is where you belong, which is why I know we will never be torn apart. I love you so much, babe. Happy birthday.

16. Your birthday is a good excuse to tell you how beautiful I think you are. I hope I can show you how I feel about many birthdays in the future!

17. I am wishing the most incredible birthday today to my beautiful lover! You are quite simply the most gorgeous, caring, sweetest person I have ever met, and I wish only happiness for you today and evermore! Happy birthday! I love you with all my heart, my dear!

18. I am wishing you all the peace and happiness of the whole world. And hope that you will always be with me, till the last day of my life. Happy birthday, my heart!

19. You are the beauty of my eye, you spice my life. You are the one I desire. Happy Birthday, Love.

20. I’d like this day to be an opportunity for me to confess my endless love for you. You make my life like a scene out of a dream. I love you, happy birthday!

21. Happy Birthday to the love of my life! May our love never run cold. I promise to stay by your side through thick and thin.

22. My dear, there’s absolutely nothing in this world I wouldn’t do to ensure that a smile brightens your face. Babe, I love you with every single fiber of my entire being. Please never forget that. Happy birthday.

23. The first day I saw you, my heart skipped. You always blow my feet away. You are the love of my life. Happy birthday my love.

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24. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are my world and everything I ever need. May you have a lovely birthday dear!

25. Wishing my lover, the most beautiful and utterly gorgeous person in the world, the happiest birthday ever today!

26. Every single morning when I wake up and see you sleeping sweetly next to me, I take a deep breath and thank God for giving us life together. Happy Birthday to the one I pray I never have to wake up without.

27. This day is special to me; it’s the day the love of my life was born. I love you my sweetheart and wish you a Happy Birthday!

28. I wish your birthday is as beautiful and full of love as you are. You deserve only the best, and I wish that for you Best wishes, my love.

29. I can’t hide it, on your special day I want to say I love you and wish you a happy birthday.

30. I never imagined I would meet someone as special as you. As you celebrate your birthday, May all your wishes come true! I love you.

31. My sweet, caring lover, you are the person that I admire and adore most in the world. I wish you the happiest birthday ever!

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32. All the papers in the world are not enough to write our journey, but it can be edited to contain only a single word: “LOVE”.

33. Your smile is cause for celebration. Your love is the most precious gift in the world. Your kisses could light a thousand birthday candles. Happy Birthday to someone who makes life itself feel like a special occasion.

34. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. When I am with you, my heart is at peace. Happy Birthday, Sweetest Heart!

35. Your warm and comforting arms are the only place in the whole wide world where I want to spend all the days of my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

36. All of our memories together will never be taken away from you and me. No matter how old we get and how many of your birthdays will pass by, keep in mind that I will forever be here for you, my love. Happy Birthday!

37. Sweetheart, I treasure you more than I treasure all my possessions, including my life itself. Nothing short of death will ever have the power to keep me from being with you and making you happy all the days of your life.

38. I love the beautiful smile you give me when I am with you. I want to watch you celebrate more and more birthdays. Happy birthday, love.

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39. Just a glimpse of you brings a smile to my face and being with you gives me eternal happiness. Today is your special day and I’m giving you everything in me.

40. Grab that pretty paper party hat and prepare for big fun! We’re celebrating another year of life for my number one! Happy Birthday, Lover!

Happy Birthday Love Quotes for Him

42. May this year bring you lots of surprises. Happy birthday, Love!

43. To be with you is all I long for. Happy Birthday, Love!

44. My love for you will never end. I will forever treasure you. Happy Birthday my love!

45. In a garden filled with blooms, you stand out as the most beautiful and most beguiling creation. With you, I feel like I am in heaven all the time. Happy Birthday, my sweetest one.

46. When I am around you, my heart beats faster and I can’t seem to breathe properly. Every time your perfume lingers in the area, my senses run wild. When I stare into your eyes, I witness paradise. Happy birthday, I love you.

47. Happy Birthday my Sweetheart. You are the queen of my heart. I love you so much.

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48. You make my life worth living. You bring smiles to my face, and your touch shows me how much you love me and care for me. You are my friend and my lover. Happy Birthday.

49. No birthday wishes, birthday messages, birthday gifts, or birthday cards can express the amount of love I have for you. Happy birthday, love!

50. On this special day I open my heart to you. Happy birthday! I love you so much.

51. Incredibly blessed to have an amazing person like you in my life. Happy birthday, love! May you never leave my side!

52. May all the blessings fill your life, today and in days to come; Happy birthday my love!

53. I am so glad that you are the one that my heart loves unconditionally. You will forever mean the world to me because you are my life and paradise. Happy birthday.

54. Birthdays come and go, but my love for you will always be constant. That does not mean I will not wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday my love.

55. On this special day, I give you a basket full of love, a box full of best wishes, and a bucket full of blessings. Happy birthday, love!

56. On your birthday this year, I want you to feel ten times as special and loved as you make me feel each and every day. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous human being ever to exist!

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57. Let me take a small piece of the universe and offer it to you, as a humble gift for your birthday. Wonderful Birthday my love!

58. No birthday gift will be enough to make up for the gift that you have given to me – your love. Happy birthday, I love you!

59. Happy Birthday to my favorite! Every day with you is a treasure. There’s no one else’s side I’d rather be by. Wishing you a day full of love and laughter!

60. There could never be enough words to tell you what you mean to me. So, instead, I will simply tell you that every single day for the rest of my life, I pledge to make sure I tell you that you are mine and that you are loved.

61. As you celebrate your birthday, I want you to know you are the person I love most. I would do anything to be with you on this special day. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday My Love Quotes

63. My love for you is great. As you start a new year in your life, know there is someone who cares and loves you. Happy birthday.

64. My heart will always be yours. My smile for you will never fade. Let’s enjoy this day together. Happy Birthday Love

65. Happy Birthday to a special person who is bringing so much joy to my heart. I am thankful for every moment we spend together, and I wish our happiness never ends.

66. Friendship can be the beginning of a relationship. A smile can be the beginning of love. You are a darling in my life. Happy birthday

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67. I’m delighted you are a part of my life. You give me the peace I need. Happy Birthday!

68. To the Love of my life, Since the moment I laid eyes on you I have known that you are the one to make my life complete. I hope that today you feel truly valued and loved, because I love you so much!

69. You are everything to me. May this day be memorable for life, Happy birthday my love.

70. You are the desire of my heart. May this day bring joy and happiness into your life; Happy birthday my love

71. Each passing year you are the beauty to my eyes. May this year bring you lots of blessings. Happy birthday my love.

72. I may not be with you on your birthday, though I would like you to know, I love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday!

73. No matter the distance, you are always in my heart and mind. This day cannot pass without wishing you a Happy Birthday my love.

74. As the birds start to chirp. I want to wish you a happy birthday. May your day be bright and full of blessings.

75. My sweetheart, words cannot express how much I love you. You are everything to me. I wish you a happy birthday.

76. Loving you gives me happiness but being with you is a wish come true. May you have a wonderful happy birthday!

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77. Dear sweetheart, you are the reason why I smile every day. Our flames of passion will never be extinguished and may our love shine brightly to bring you a wonderful birthday. I love you and Happy Bday!

78. You are the reason I am happy. May this day be the happiest for you, Happy Birthday.

79. Can’t find the right words to tell you how I feel today. My love, it’s another year to celebrate. Happy birthday!

80. You are my sunshine, the one who lights my way. You are my hope and everything. Happy birthday, sunshine.

81. When the wind blows, I can hear the whisper of words of love to me. When the sun shines you bring brightness to my life. Happy birthday on this special day!

82. It’s your birthday, but I’m the one who should be celebrating the most. My favorite person in the world was born on this day.

83. I hope I can make some of your wishes come true. Such a wonderful person deserves a special day. Happy birthday!

84. You are worth living for. You make my days memorable. Happy Birthday, darling

85. I wish you a day as bright as the sun, smile, as warm as your heart, as special as you are my dear. Happy Birthday!

86. It brings a smile to my face by simply thinking of you. And that smile becomes brighter whenever I’m with you. Have a wonderful birthday, my love!

87. Having you in my life is nothing but a blessing, dear. Happy birthday. Love you so so much! My soulmate, Stay happy and keep smiling.

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88. I am happy I can share this special day with someone special to my life. Happy birthday my love

89. Happy birthday, sweetheart! Thank you for being my today and I hope you’ll be my tomorrow as well. Thank you for stealing my heart!

90. You are my soul, everything in my life. Happy birthday to you!

91. Much love on your birthday. I love you.

92. Our love is as sweet as honey. Happy birthday my love!

93. Happy Birthday my dearest, you are the sweetest, May you have a lovely day, full of joy and happiness.

94. A day does not pass without thinking of you. My life would be empty without you. Happy Birthday my love!

95. You are my sunshine, my joy, my happiness. My love, Happy Birthday!

96. You make me feel whole. You bring peace into my life. May this day offer you your heart desires. Happy birthday, love!

97. You are the first in my thoughts and dear to my heart. May you have a wonderful happy birthday!

98. Today is a special day in your life. Party like never before. I’ll be there to hold you. Happy birthday!

99. Happy birthday to my smoking hot lover! You are the epitome of sexy and cute! Each day you become more and more desirable, or perhaps I’m just falling more and more for you! Wishing you an amazing day, with lots of special treats! Kisses!

100. The flames of our passion will never be extinguished. May our love flare brightly, Happy Birthday!

101. Happy Birthday to my Adventurous Lover. You make every day more special and I’m so fortunate to have you in my life. Wishing you a day as wonderful as you are!

102. You are such a beauty. May your birthday be as beautiful as you are!

103. You are the gift in my life. I send you this gift with lots of love. Happy birthday my dearest.

104. Distance will not stop me from wishing you a happy birthday. Happy birthday babe

105. On this special day. I want you to know how lucky I am. I love you so much. I am lucky to have you. Happy Birthday!

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106. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I love you so much.

107. Babe, as you celebrate your special day today, please always bear in mind that I can never breathe without your love. Thank you for blessing me with your love and making me the happiest woman in the entire universe. Happy birthday, my love.

108. Happy Birthday my love. I am happy to be yours. You are everything to me.

Short Happy Birthday My Love Quotes

110. Happy birthday to the person I want to build my future with. I love you.

111. I see certain sweet things come my way and I know they can only be possible with you. I hope your day brings you more strength. Happy birthday in advance, my love.

112. I wish I could be close to you on your birthday, but I can’t. I am sending all my loving wishes to you in advance!

113. You are so special to me that it’s just not enough to wish you for a day only. My heartiest love & good wishes for your special day in advance.

114. I might not be next to you on your birthday, but you are in my thoughts. Happy birthday my dear!

115. I know it is still not your birthday yet Choosing between Advance and Belated, I’d rather pick the one that will let you know how eager I am to celebrate it Happy Birthday in advance

116. It’s not your birthday yet, but you are special enough to deserve a wish in advance! Advance Happy Birthday, friend! Sending my warm hugs as a birthday present!

117. I wish that your nightmares get replaced by sweet dreams that will come to pass and that you witness this. Happy birthday to you in advance, sweetheart.

118. I send to you lots of birthday blessings, may they be filled with love and joy. Happy birthday my love!

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119. Today let’s close the door to the outside world so that we can be together. Happy Birthday my love.

120. Today tells me I have to show you how much I love you, though I love you every day of the year. Happy birthday, darling!

121. I am the luckiest person on earth; you make my world more cheerful, I am glad to have you. Happy Birthday!

122. Let me just remind you that the day you blessed us all with your arrival is just a few hours away to come. I can’t help wishing you a happy birthday in advance!

123. In you I find the perfect partner and the best friend I always dreamed of. You are the sweetest love ever. I am glad to have you. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

124. I send you a kiss and a warm hug. May this day be more lovely than ever before. May all your wishes come true on your birthday.

125. Love will fill your hands with rewards, hope will fill your eyes with results and faith will fill your mind with success. Happy birthday to you in advance, my love.

126. Though your birthday is in 2 days, but, I will not be here to wish you and render you birthday gifts. Advance birthday wishes to my lovely brother!

127. Even though your birthday is months away, I have already started feeling the vibes of your birthday. Lovely advance happy birthday wishes dear!

128. May every gift you receive on this special day double your blessings. Happy birthday!

129. I send you this special message; I send it from the bottom of my heart! I wish you a Happy Birthday!

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Birthday Love Quotes for Her

131. My Sweetheart, you bring happiness into my heart. You are the light of my life. May you have a happy birthday!

132. The excitement of your birthday is not letting me sleep at night. It’s still a few hours to go but I really can’t resist wishing you a very happy birthday!

133. The only time I’m punctual in life is when I wish you a happy birthday. This year, it’s not going to be any different. Happy birthday in Advance!

134. Someone like you definitely deserves the best. I’m so excited that I am greeting you in advance for your special day. May everything fall in your favor on this day and for the coming days as well. Advance Happy Birthday!

135. I’d rather wish you a happy birthday in advance than be late by a few minutes past o’clock. My heartiest congratulations to you for turning [insert age].

136. You are the reason I smile. May you have the happiest birthday in the universe.

137. It’s so sad that I will miss your 18th birthday but All my love and blessings will be with you till eternity. I know one greeting is not sufficient enough, anyways happy early birthday!

138. My favorite place on earth is being Next to you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

139. On this day, May you be blessed with unlimited joy. May happiness and success come your way. Happy birthday!

140. When I first saw you my heart skipped a beat. You are the one who makes me smile every day. Happy Birthday my love!

141. It’s still a few hours to go but The excitement of your birthday is not letting me resist myself to wish you a very happy birthday in advance.

142. I think about you every day. Wishing you a happy birthday filled with blessings.

143. May you always have an Angel at the ready to save the day for you and may your paths not lead to any negative zone. Happy birthday in advance, my love.

144. May the good things of earth treat you as a destination and may you enjoy a daily dose of love and favors. Happy birthday to you in advance, Darling.

145. You are my best friend, my love, and my companion. As you celebrate this special day, I wish you all the best in the world.

146. The exuberance of your birthday is quite high. I have already made all the plans to make this birthday the best of your birthday.

147. You are such a darling to me that a single day is not sufficient enough to wish you a happy birthday. So, I am sending you to advance happy birthday wishes with loads of love and affection!

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148. On this special day, may the day be as wonderful as you are. Thank you for your kindness. Happy birthday!

149. Your birthday marks the end of another year and the start of a new year we have been together. Happy Birthday my love.

150. May your day overflow with blessings and joy. Happy birthday, love!

Birthday Love Quotes for Him/Her

152. You are the gift of my life. I give my gift of love on this special day. Happy birthday, love!

153. May this special day be filled with all your desires; Happy birthday.

154. I wanted to give you all my love for your birthday, but there’s no box big enough to hold it. Besides, it’s already yours. There’s a birthday party in my pants, and you’re the guest of honor.

155. Best wishes my love. May you have a wonderful birthday on this special day

156. Sweetheart, on this day, may your wishes come true. May you receive everything you have ever wished for on your birthday! Happy birthday my love!

157. Happy birthday to the love of my life! I wish you lots of blessings on this special day.

158. Today my first thought was about you. Happy Birthday, darling!

159. May your day be filled with blessings, love, and inspiration. May you start another year in style; Happy birthday my love.

160. I send you my love on this special day. Happy birthday!

161. You are my angel, my sunshine, and my strength. May your dreams come true on this special day! Happy birthday to you!

162. Thank you for always being there for me. You are the best gift in my life. Best Happy Birthday!

163. Just want to be the first to wish you a happy birthday. May you blow candles.

164. I am sending you warm wishes with love on your special day. May you have a wonderful birthday!

165. I am grateful to have you in my life. You are my world. Best birthday to you. I love you so much.

166. With you, falling in love has never been better! Just looking into your eyes makes me remember all the reasons I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

167. I chose these special roses for your birthday. They come with blessings and lots of wishes.

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168. When I am with you I feel relaxed and happy. I love you so much. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

169. I can’t think of a gift to buy you for your birthday because I am thinking of giving you the entire universe. May you have a sweet birthday my love, I love you.

170. You have shown me what it means to love. You are the queen of my heart. Happy birthday to you, my love.

171. Happy birthday my love, May all of your dreams come true; as they come true, I will be next to you.

172. To someone I love. Happy Birthday!

173. You are the greatest gift I have ever received in my life, happy birthday, my love.

174. I have searched the world; I have not found any wonderful person like you. Happy birthday my dearest.

175. My life has never been luckier than the day I met you. Having you makes me the happiest in the universe. Happy Birthday, love!

176. You are special to my life every day. No need to remind me how special you are. Have a wonderful Birthday.

177. Falling in love with you is easy. Staying in love with you is much easier. I cannot wait to celebrate another birthday of yours next year! Happy Birthday!

178. You light up my life. You are my sunshine. May you have a wonderful birthday, I love you.

179. I love you so much more today than yesterday, but not even one-tenth of what I’ll feel tomorrow. Happy birthday, my love!

180. Time will pass, more birthdays will come, but every single day that I spend with you is special. Happy Birthday and I love you.

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181. You’re the one who pops up in my mind whenever I witness something beautiful. Because I want you to be there by my side to share beautiful moments together. Happy birthday, love!

182. This is my gift to someone special; I offer you a small piece of the universe. Have a lovely birthday my love.

183. Sweetheart, you are my heartbeat, my dreams, and my happiness. Missing you on your birthday my love, I love you.

184. Thank you for the support, care, and affection you have given me. I will always treasure you. I love you and Happy Birthday!

185. We have grown up together. We have been together since we were just kids ourselves, and now we have kids of our own. They are a reflection of the amazing wife and mom you are. Happy Birthday to the woman who seems to always find a way to do it all. I love you so much.

186. Happy birthday to the dearest person in my life. You make my world complete.

187. Happy Birthday To My Partner. Being together is the best way to celebrate. I love you more & more with each year that passes.

188. Sending somebody birthday wishes is a very amazing thing to do, to the person you love.

189. Wishing you a birthday full of joy, laughter, and love. Happy birthday, darling!

190. Each passing day of your birthday I love you more. Wonderful birthday.

191. I wish you a very sweet and happy birthday my love. May all your dreams and prayers come true.

192. I am wild about you. Words cannot express my love for you. Though I can wish you a wonderful happy birthday!

193. Thanks for all the memories you’ve given to me. No matter how old we get, and how many more birthdays we celebrate, I will always be here for you. Happy Birthday.

194. You are always in my thoughts and occupy my heart. Happy Birthday my dear!

195. Tonight, let’s live as if we have no other cares in the world but each other. You deserve a big birthday celebration, and you are going to get it.

196. To the one who holds my heart, May you have a wonderful birthday; May joy and love come your way. I Love you.

197. A beautiful day like this deserves a colorful celebration. Happy birthday to my sweetheart!

198. This is a special day to share with someone I love and care about. Happy birthday love

45 Happy Birthday Greetings And Quotes for the Birthday

Happy Birthday My Love Letter and Love Poems

Dear You, Happy Birthday my love! I don’t always buy you the right gift so I thought I would write you a few words, too. Today is the day we celebrate you. But what you may not know, and should, is that I celebrate you every day. I might not say it or show it, but I feel it.

Dear Love, You are not going to believe it if I tell you the way you sway your hips still makes me catch my breath and your elegance still takes my breath away. I mean every single time you walk through the door towards me just makes my heart really warm and expands with love. May this new year of yours bring you all the blessings you deserve and cause us to continue our love story even in a grand style.

To my LOVE, I thought I would let you know before telling the world that you mean so much to me. You have always been very special and your significance seems to increase with each passing day. I hope you are aware of my unfailing love for you and that you are as committed to loving me as I am. Happy birthday, babe.

Cutie, From the first moment, I saw you, to every moment since—my heart beats for you. I can’t imagine a day in my life without seeing your face. To say without you I am nothing is an understatement. Do you know when couples realize that they found their soul mates? We take that one step farther—you are my everything.

It’s your birthday,

but I’m the lucky (man, woman)

who got to be with you for another year.

It’s your birthday, and the older you get,

the more wonderful you become.

It’s your birthday,

and I’m privileged to share the years with you.

It’s your birthday and each year

I find the depth of my love for you growing.

Today I celebrate you.

On this special day when you entered the world,

How was I to know you’d rock my world?

Your smile, your touch, the way you love me,

I never knew……until you

What a relationship could be.

So I celebrate with you.

My friend, my love.

I celebrate you.

The beautiful person that you are.

I celebrate you.

Because I’m the lucky one, by far.

So as you celebrate one more year.

I’m celebrating you, my precious dear.

I love you.

No one can make me smile the way you do,

Without you, I feel so low, so sad, so blue.

Your eyes take me to a world unknown,

I am blinded by your love so much that I get accident-prone.

I will love you forever, even if my world is torn apart,

Because darling, you are the first one to touch my heart.

Today on your birthday, I just cannot thank God enough,

He gave you to me like a heavenly present from above.

Happy Birthday to you whom I really love.

You are what I crave,

You are what I adore,

You are what I need,

I couldn’t ask for more.

I love you crazier than ever,

I’m yours to take, keep or lose,

I can’t get near enough of you,

The sweet treat I cannot refuse.

Happy birthday!

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