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38 Motivational Quotes About dreams and Life Sayings

Motivational quotes about dreams and life sayings
Don’t give up. As you work for your most optimistic goals, drive yourself further with these 38 motivational dreams quotes.

Motivational quotes about dreams and life sayings

1. “If you don’t have dreams, you don’t have a life.” — Bryce Harper

2. “Barack Obama knows that to create an economy built to last, we need to focus on middle-class families. Families who stay up on Sunday nights pacing the floor, like my dad did, while their children, tucked in bed, dream big dreams. Families who aren’t sure what Monday morning will bring, but who believe our nation’s best days are still ahead.” — Chuck Schumer

power of dreams quotes

power of dreams quotes

3. “The Ellevest target client is the professional woman who either has her own money or has agency over her family’s money. She is among the 75 million women in the U.S. workforce who want to take financial control and is looking for a straightforward way to achieve her dreams on her own terms.” — Sallie Krawcheck

4. “’Revolutions’ was beyond my wildest dreams. I just really enjoyed it so much visually, the action and then the story and the characters, the beauty of that. The love in the film really inspired me.” — Carrie-Anne Moss

5. “Sometimes, you follow your dreams. I say to the young people, ‘If you have a dream, chase it.’” — Karl Malone

6. “You can’t give up on your dreams.” — Anderson Silva

7. “I have lived with my husband more than I have with my parents… I live beside him, and know his worries, his hopes, and his dreams for his nation. We believe that things happen by design, not in an arbitrary way. And we believe it is our duty to make things happen.” — Moza bint Nasser

your in my dreams quotes

your in my dreams quotes

8. “Dreams really tell you about yourself more than anything else in this world could ever tell you.” — Sylvia Browne

9. “Don’t let the reasons why you don’t accomplish your dreams be because of you or a decision that you made. Do everything that you can possibly do to achieve that dream.” — Kofi Kingston

10. “If you have a dream, just lie about it. Lie your way unto your dreams.” — Joel McHale

Famous quotes on dreams to inspire be yourself

11. “For me, I just set little goals for myself and stay on that kind of track and surround myself with positive people along with my teammates. I just kind of have my goals and my dreams, and this is something that we’ve all been working for our entire lives, so it is kind of easy to wake up and want to better myself every day towards that goal.” — Ali Krieger

believe in your dreams quotes

12. “I’ve woken up from dreams and the whole song is there. I’m listening to it in my dreams. I consciously have to wake myself up and get a tape recorder because I hear it like a record.” — Lenny Kravitz

13. “Men secretly respect a woman who is strong, has confidence and has dreams of her own. There’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who has dignity and pride in who she is.” — Sherry Argov

14. “That’s another piece of advice: Don’t go to college; follow your dreams. Unless you’re a doctor – then go to college.” — Adam DeVine

15. “It feels good being a restaurant owner because it’s part of my dreams of being the biggest mogul.DJ Khaled” — DJ Khaled

16. “A fulfilling life is different to each person. You have to acknowledge your dreams, and not just wait for life to happen, and opportunities to come knocking at your door.” — Joan Lunden

17. “I miss my kids, and they miss me. It’s very difficult, but I have to do it for my country and fulfill my dreams coming to the 2012 London Olympics.” — Mary Kom

18. “The armored cars of dreams, contrived to let us do so many a dangerous thing.” — Elizabeth Bishop

19. “You couldn’t have too many dreams because in the Communist regime, everything was cookie-cutter.” — Anastasia Soare

20. “For American filmmakers, the Oscars is like a mystic thing. For me, it was being in a mirror of my dreams when I was dreaming of Hollywood when I was an adolescent.” — Bernardo Bertolucci

Inspirational quotes about dreams to inspire you

21. “College baseball, I love it. I love to work with the younger kids who are trying to live out their dreams, if in fact that’s what they plan on doing after college to take the next step.” — Roger Clemens

22. “’Wild Grinders’ becoming an animated series, and airing on Nicktoons is another one of my boyhood dreams come true. I came up with the name when I was eleven years old, when I needed a name for my first skate crew – who knew it would turn into such a mega brand?” — Rob Dyrdek

23. “I think that’s when life began for me: when I started to follow my dreams.” — Nafessa Williams

24. “You’ll be much more successful if you follow your dreams and follow your passions.” — Jay Weatherill

25. “Good dreams don’t come cheap, you’ve got to pay for them and If you just dream when you’re asleep this is no way for them to come alive… to survive.” — Harry Chapin

26. “And our dreams are who we are.” — Barbara Sher

27. “We didn’t know how to run a business, but we had dreams and talent.” — Ruth Handler

28. “I wanted to raise the voice of a lot of the people that I knew growing up, and this was, for the most part, poor people who had extraordinary dreams but also very amazing obstacles.” — Edwidge Danticat

29. “Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you. These are not cliches but real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path.” — Phillip Sweet

30. “I want to find someone who’s really into something like I’m really into something, so that I can support them and we can both cheer each other on. I’ve got a lot of dreams I want to achieve, and I hope someone can cheer me on as I’ll cheer them on in their dreams.” — Hunter Hayes

Inspiring quotes about dreams for work to success

31. “I’ve never dreamed of a story idea. I have such boring dreams.” — R. L. Stine

32. “I remember, when I was young, I had idols who inspired me to go for my dreams, and I just want to give the same back.” — Ada Hegerberg

33. “I don’t think my father considered allowing a teenager to follow his dreams was necessarily good parenting, or even parenting. I think he thought I was a teenager with teenage impulses. I’m pretty sure he knew that if he just let me follow those impulses, it would wind up being very expensive and perhaps even life-endangering.” — W. Bruce Cameron

34. “Long walks on the beach are the supposed holy grail of a romantic evening. The beach becomes a kind of utopia – the place where all our dreams come true.” — Roxane Gay

35. “Happiness is making your dreams come true.” — Jourdan Dunn

36. “Since cancer, I feel like I have dreams rather than ambitions, visions rather than plans.” — Eve Ensler

37. “I didn’t want to escape my life and become a big actress and live my dreams. That was never the way it was; it was just these amazing opportunities that happened.” — Maisie Williams

38. “I would certainly encourage young people to pursue their dreams. It isn’t always an easy path, but it’s worth going after. And I figure if a farmer’s daughter from Iowa can become an astronaut, you can be just about anything you want to be.” — Peggy Whitson

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