Hidden Love Quotes, Messages and Sayings

50 Hidden Love Quotes, Messages and Sayings

One cannot deny that when a person starts to admire someone, there’s a big possibility that he will fall in love. It is unplanned; so a person willl just keep it. Here are quotes that some of us can relate to: These Hidden Love quotes will inspire you. A collection of motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging Hidden love sayings, and Hidden love proverbs.

Hidden Love Quotes, Messages and Sayings

1. Would you still love me if I told her about us? Then, that’s not love.

2. Today my love asked me about whom I love. It killed me to say ‘No one’ when all I wanted to say was ‘you’.

3. My secret love for you is not a secret because I am a coward, it is a secret because your love is not me, it is a secret because your love is someone else.

4. I thought keeping me as a secret was the worst heartbreak I would ever experience, but it was when I knew you could not let her go.

5. Maybe telling you that I love you for a good amount of time will make things weird between us. But it is fine because the mentioned scenario is only one possibility of how things can turn out.

6. Your attitude screams about the bursting colors of your soul and the rhythm of your heart without the need for any words.

7. Be fierce at the right time. Be smart every time. Be classy all the time.

8. If you truly love me like what you said, why are we hiding? Why are you with her?

Hidden Love Quotes

9. How could you keep me hanging when you can’t let go of her? Why do you have to torture me this way?

10. You are my crush, and that crushes my heart every single time I think of you.

11. Some people live in the business of minding the business of other people.

12. When you love someone secretly, the torture is when you have to be very careful with every word you speak and your actions when in front of them.

13. I cannot be anyone’s dirty little secret anymore. That is destroying me.

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14. When you cage your love, you cut its wings. Even if you do not cut them, they forget how to fly. And when you finally let it out, you realize that it is too late now.

15. They both are in love with each other, but it is a secret, for both of them.

16. I may not be perfect but I am one of a kind.

17. We take others’ love lightly when we know that they love us in secret until we know how it feels once we experience it ourselves.

18. It hurts to realize that your secret love knows about how you feel for them but ignores it.

Hidden Love Quotes Messages

19. You will never be happy knowing that you are just his secret, and you will never grow together because his heart already belongs to someone else.

20. I love you, and the reason why you will never know about it is the fear of your rejection. I want you at any cost. Right now, I have you, you are my best friend, and losing you is not acceptable at any cost.

21. We could be the happiest couple ever, but my heart is a coward. The possibility of you going away has a stronger effect than the possibility of you accepting my love.

22. How can I tell you I love you without you running away?

23. You will know that someone is secretly in love if you have been there yourself.

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24. Loving you is not hard, but keeping it a secret is. It kills me more than not having you by my side. But I am not ready to lose you the way you are with me, even if it is a constant torture.

25. Some people choose to fit into the normal and the accepted rather than show their true selves and shine like a diamond. God’s timing is always perfect. When it doesn’t work out, it means He has something better planned for you. After all, the best love story takes time. My style is my business which means it is none of your business.

26. Is it love or lust? You tell me you love me, but you would keep me hidden in the dark.

27. How can you tell me you love me when you hate me if I tell anyone about our secret love?

28. It’s sad to know that I love you so much but I wouldn’t let you know. Once you know, you won’t allow me to love you. I’d rather break my own heart by not letting you know how much I love you than telling you and letting you break it. The sad thing about secret love is that you suffer alone once it’s over.

Unexpressed Hidden Love Quotes

29. When you look at me in the eyes, and we laugh together, it almost tears me apart not to tell you how much I love you.

30. You know your love is pure when they feel it and accept it without questioning it.

31. It is hard to pretend that I am not in love with you, it is hard to act normal when someone else calls you mine, and it is hard to hear just friends when people need your introduction.

32. I was ignoring your secret love for me because I didn’t want to hurt you. I thought that pretending not to know would make it easier for you to let go.

33. Spending time with you is the best and the worst thing. Best, because when I am with you I feel complete. Worst, because every time I see you I want to kiss you, but I cannot, simply because you are not mine.

34. Telle, You are the reason, I melt inside. I pinch myself, just knowing that you’re mine. Through every season, so many ways you let me know; there are many reasons; that you make me glow. You are the reason, my heart joyously sings. Baby, you are; more than the real thing. You are my friend, my lover, and my life You are the reason, my life feels so right.

35. When I’m with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you… you’ll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I’ve never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more. Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart. So these seven words, I pray you hold, “Forever And Always, I Will Love You.”

Deep Hidden Love Quotes

36. Waiting To See You All alone in this empty room Waiting to see you very soon Wasting my time all on my own. The sadness I feel all day long. Wishing to be with you every day even at night too, I want to see you But what can I do? It breaks my heart, it makes me weak Without your presence makes me sick I don’t know where you are or what you are doing. I’m really worried about where are Hoping to see you and to be with you Is what I desire to become true Maybe tomorrow, definitely tomorrow because missing you is my deepest sorrow.

37. You don’t always have to tell someone you love them. You just have to give them no reason to doubt it.

38. She loves hard because she knows how it feels to be loved so little.

39. “Take love, multiply it by infinity, and take it to the depths of forever.. and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you. JJ – Meet Joe Black –

40. Don’t be afraid to lose him, because if a man truly loves you, he’s not going anywhere. Steve Harvey

41. My Promise The skies may stop turning blue But I will never stop loving you The stars may stop shining tomorrow But I will never stop shielding you from sorrow The sun may stop shining one fine day But I will always keep your troubles at bay The earth may stop rotating on its axis. But I will never let a day pass without giving you a kiss I Love You.

42. The Tiny Stories. He turned the AC on.. bcz she couldn’t sleep without AC She turned the AC off.. bcz the AC didn’t suit his body.. this is where an arranged marriage turned into a love marriage. Ruchi Jangra

43. The One When the one whose hand you’re holding, Is the one who holds your heart, When the one whose eyes you gaze into, Gives your hopes and dreams their start, When the one you think of first and last, Is the one who holds you tight, And the things you plan together, Make the whole world seem just right, When the one whom you believe in, puts their faith and trust in you, You’ve found the only love You’ll share your whole life through.

Hidden Quotes About Love

44. You make me laugh even when I don’t want to smile.

45. An independent woman doesn’t need a man but still prefers a gentleman who can take care of her, ravage her in bed, and put her in her place once in a while. And watch how she’ll move mountains and make room for you in her life.

46. You deserve wild love from a gentle soul.

47. What You Mean To Me You turned my darkness into light; You made everything all right. You picked me up when. I was down; You turned my life around. If I didn’t have you, what would I be?* A blessing is what you are to me. When I needed you the most, you were there; Even if it seemed like you didn’t care. When I didn’t think I could make it another day, You chased all my doubts away. If I didn’t have you, what would I be? A treasure is what you are to me. The world is full of many people, it’s true, But there is only one of you. You fill my heart with love; You’re a God-sent gift from above, If I didn’t have you, what would I be? An angel is what you are to me. Lost and alone, I will no longer be; Because you are here with me. There is no reason to be sad; You’ve taken away all the bad. If I didn’t have you, what would I be? A best friend is what you are to me!!

48. You are the sun that shines bright throughout my day, You are the gravity that holds me down in every way. You are the moon that shimmers throughout my night, You are stars that glimmer oh so bright. You are the oxygen that keeps me alive, You are my heart that beats inside. You are the blood that flows through me, You are the only guy I can see. You have the voice of when a mockingbird sings, You are my everything. You are my one and only, You stop me from being so lonely. We plan our future as if we have a clue, I never want to lose you. I want you to be my husband and I want to be your wife, I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

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